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What happens when 2 tectonic plates collide?

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when 2 tectonic plates collide it all depends on what type they are. If they are both osianic then the less dence one goes over the more dence one. If they are both continental then the collide and form a mountain.

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What is it called when 2 tectonic plates collide?


When 2 slabs of rock collide what happens?

An earthquake . . . the tectonic plates are slabs of rock and when thy shift, it creates an earthquake.

Where do many earthquakes happen in a country?

it happens when the tectonic plates under the earth collide or push into each other to cause disruption so an earthquake would happen in a place were there is the edge of 2 tectonic plates underneath.

What happens when 2 plates collide?

If they are continental plates, they make a mountain.

What happens when 2 land plates collide?

it makes a mountain

What happens when 2 oceanic plates collide?

It makes a mountain.

What happens and what forms when 2 continental plates collide?

When two continental plates collide they buckle up and fold forming mountains.

What is the definition of the word continental collision?

Continetal collision is when 2 different tectonic plates collide i believe.

What happens when 2 tectonic plates spread apart?

It creates a volcano

What Happens When 2 continental plates collide?

it causes mountains and sometimes earthquakes

How do tectonic plates cause earthquakes?

There is an estimated 7 Tectonic plates and they all tend to rub together every so often which causes earthquakesTectonic plates cause earthquakes by:Tectonic plates rub up against each otherTectonic plates go under each otherTectonic plates o above each otherThis happens between 2 plates.

Why can you have earthquakes and volcanoes when you are not at the edge of a tectonic plate?

Because an earthquake happens when 2 tectonic plates hit each other.

Where do mountains occur?

mountains occur where tectonic plates collideWhen they rub against each otherPlus it could be caused by two continental plates colliding as well.they occur mostly where 2 tectonic plates of the same crust (Continental or oceanic) met together at a conservative boundary (at a boundary where they both collide and go upwards) this is why mountains keep on growing, because the plates don't stop pushing.

Is Mt Eyjafjallajokull on 1 or 2 tectonic plates?

Mt Eyjafjallajökull (whew!) is on 2 different tectonic plates.

What happens when 2 continental plates collide into each other?

Landforms such as ocean trenches and mountain ranges are created.

What tectonic plates were involved in the Haiti earthquake?


What forms when 2 plates collide?


When 2 plates come in contact with one another what happens?

They can slide past each other, they can collide, or they can pull apart.

What happens when 2 plates carrying ocean crust collide?

It creates a explosion similar to when Chuck Norris gets mad.

How are mountains related to tectonic plate motion?

Mountains are formed by plae tectonics. It happens when 2 plates collide and 1 plate is pushed up. The resulting upwards force makes a mountain range. The Rockies, Andes, and the Himalayas are all examples of this.

Why do earthquakes occur in the middle of tectonic plates?

Earthquakes typically do not occur in the middle of tectonic plates. Earthquakes are mostly caused by 2 tectonic plates colliding into or sliding past each other, resulting in friction that causes earthquakes. However, there are no such tectonic activity going on in the middle of tectonic plates.

What is it called when 2 plates collide?

Plate boundary

What is formed when 2 continental plates collide?


What is a eartquake?

tectonic plates- move in 3 ways 1. collide w/ eachother 2.seperate from eachother 3. slide against eachother when plates are moved to the breaking point it causes an eartquake an earthquake is a seismic wave

What happens when 2 plates meet?

They can collide and create mountain ranges (i.e, Himalayas) or the older plate will subduct under the other.

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