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A violent reaction: hydrogen and potassium hydroxide results from this reaction.

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What happens when lithiumor sodium or potassium is added to water and why?

It explodes!

What happens when potassium oxide is added to water?

K2O + H2O --> 2K+ + 2OH- The water turns to basic.

What happens when potassium hydroxide is added to hydrochloric acid?

Acid + Alkali -> Salt + Water For this case, Hydrochloric acid + Potassium hydroxide -> Potassium chloride + water HCl + KOH -> KCl + H2O

What happens to potassium when it is added to water?

Solid, pure, potassium metal will react violently with water to form hydrogen gas. Often this hydrogen gas will ignite causing a flame and sometimes an explosion.

What ions are formed when potassium sulfate is added to water?

potassium oxide

What happens to the colour of water when potassium permanganate is added?

according to the amount we put the change from dark purple to pink color

What happens when nickel is added to a solution of potassium chloride?


What happens when you mix potassium permanganate with water and glycine?

it makes potassium permanganate with water and glycine...

What happens when silver nitrate is added to potassium chloride solution?

Your products will be Potassium nitrate and silver chloride

What happens when potassium is added with cold water?

it fizzles and swims around for a bit but then lights up like a sparkler its really cool

What happens when chlorine is added to silver nitrate and potassium chloride?

When clhlorine is added to silver nitrate a milky white precipitate of Silver Chloride is formed. Potassium nitrate is also formed. When chlorine is added to potassium chloride nothing visible happens but the solutiuon become more acidic.

What happens to potassium permanganate when added to water?

In water, it forms bright pink or purple solutions. It is used in water treatment because it is highly oxidizing, and has an antiseptic, antibacterial action.

What happens when potassium iodide is added to ammonium carbonate?

no reaction/no change

What substance when added with water catches on fire?


What happens when water is mixed with potassium?


What happens when silver nitrate solution is added to potassium iodide solution?

when siver nitrate is added with potassium iodide ,siver combines with iodide and form silver iodide and potassium combines with nitrate ion and form potassium nitrate

What minerals are added to water?

The minerals that are added to water vary depending on the company who is bottling the water. Added minerals can include magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride.

How much potassium in Smart water?

There is 2.5mg of potassium in 8 oz of Smart Water. It is added for taste, not to replenish potassium lost through intense exercise/ exertion.

Lithium Sodium and potassium do this when you added to water?

They explode and combust.

What happens to potassium when you put it in water?

it fizzes about on the surfaces

What happens when you add potassium permanganate to water?

It dissolves.

What happens when potassium nitrate mix with water?

It dissolves

What causes the equilibrium to shift when a cooled saturated potassium nitrate solution is added to water?

When a cooled saturated potassium nitrate solution is added to water, the concentration of the potassium nitrate decreases making it less likely that he substance will precipitate out of solution.

What happens when water is added to albumin?


What happens when potassium per-sulphate was added to ferrous sulphate?

Well, what happens is that it burns and creates a stink

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