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Q: What happens when a space shuttle renters the atmosphere?
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What happens when a space shuttle enters the atmosphere?

energy is lost

What happens when a space shuttle leaves your atmosphere?

It will go to space and come back to earth in 2 years.

What happens when a space shuttle reenter the atmosphere?

It heats up a lot and becomes vey hot.

Which layer of the atmosphere does the space shuttle travel in?

the space shuttle travel in the trophosphere.

What was the 2nd space shuttle in space?

Second space shuttle in space was Challenger, but second space shuttle ever was Enterprise, what was made for testing in atmosphere.

What space shuttle disintegrated upon re-entering the earths atmosphere?

Space Shuttle Columbia

How does a space shuttle cause friction?

A space shuttle still has to leave the atmosphere, we aren't building them in space. While leaving the atmosphere a space shuttle causes a lot of friction as it rubs against the air on the way up.

What speed does a space shuttle reach before leaving the earth's atmosphere?

The space shuttle reaches 17,850 mph before leaving earth's atmosphere.

Why does The Space Shuttle Heat up when it is Travelling through the Earth's Atmosphere?

Because of the enormous amount of friction between Earth's atmosphere and the Space Shuttle.

Where would you find a space shuttle in the atmosphere?

I am pretty sure that a space shuttle is found in the thermosphere or mesosphere.

Why does the space shuttle have high speed in the atmosphere?

The shuttle uses the atmosphere to slow itself down from orbital speed.

What was the need for a space shuttle?

To break the atmosphere and go into space easily.