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your parent goes to jail.


In the UK education can be by attendance at school "or otherwise". It is perfectly legal for children to be educated at home. The parent/guardian has to inform the LEA (Local Education Authority) that the child is being home educated, and the LEA has a duty/right to ensure that the child is receiving an education suited to their abilities and needs. If the LEA believes that the child's educational needs are being met (normally a school inspector will visit the home to check), the family will be left to continue.

Legal action which could result in the parent going to jail occurs in two situations:-

  • When a child is registered to attend a school and fails to attend.
  • When the LEA believes that the education provided by the family is unsatisfactory.

There is a self-help organisation called Education Otherwise for parents who wish to home educate.

Note: under the 1944 Education Act it is not legally necessary for children to attend school. It is legally required that they are educated, and in a manner suitable to their age, aptitude and ability. There is no legal requirement for parents to have teaching qualifications (or any qualifications whatsoever) in order to do this.

In UK law, parents have the primary right to decide how their children should be educated, and brought up. The LEA and Social Services have powers (and a duty) to intervene in extreme situatuions, in which they believe a child is being harmed or exploited. Children have no legal right to make decisions about their own education, and may or may not be consoled by the fact that the parties who do have these rights are tasked with acting in the child's best interests.

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Children won't know anything at all

If your parents don't care about their children very much, like saying "Go to school or not, I don't care", then you will receive warnings from truancy officers. Failure to comply to these warnings and, well, in the UK's case, your Parents will go to jail.

However, if your parents do care, I woulden't know what happens. You'll probably just have a hard time every day.

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It is essential for children to go to school. It is a basic right and an important part of any child's life which cannot be ignored. School provides the correct Education and Environment for a child to be a positive minded, good and strong human being in this society so that they can be responsible humans in there future life.

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Q: What happens when children would not be able to school for a long time?
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