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What do you mean by combine? I can mix hydrogen and oxygen and nothing happens, it is a mixture. If I strike a match in this mixture, he hydrogen burns and the two elements make a compound -- water. Because it is so hot from burning you can't see the water, but if you collect and cool it you will get water.

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What happens when elements combine?

Elements combine to form compounds to become more stable

What happens when two elements combine chemically?

When two elements combine chemically it creates a chemical reaction

What happens when two different elements chemically combine?

When two different elements chemically combine, they form a compound.

What happens when elements are chemically combine?

When element chemically combine, they form compounds that have properties that are similar to those of the uncombined elements

What happens when you combine the elements lithium and neon?

Neon is chemically inert and doesnt combine with lithium

What happens to electrons when elements combine?

The electrons get shared between the two elements, from the covalent bonds.

What happens in a combination reaction?

Two elements combine to form a compound

What happens in a solution?

Two or more elements combine to form a solution.

What happens to electron when elements combine?

Electrons can be transferred between elements (ionic bond) or shared (covalent bond).

How do elements combine?

elements combine because no body noes :DBecause elements become ions then combine

When elements combine they form?

Elements combine to form a compound.

Will copper combine with other elements?

Yes, it can combine with elements.

What happens to elements when they combine to form a compound?

The propertys of the elements change. For example:both chlorine and sodium are highly reactive, but whenthey combine the form a compound. this compound iswhich alot of people eat everyday.

What elements do in a reaction?

What do elements do in a reaction? A: The elements that are present form a chemical bond. This happens because of the fact that the elements that are present to form such combine together to make the chemical bond.

What do elements combine to form?

Elements combine to form chemical compounds.

What other elements can manganese combine with?

will manganese combine with other elements

Why do atoms of elements combine?

atoms of elements combine to form molecules of compounds.

Will radon combine with other elements?

how reactive is radon and will it combine with other elements

When the elements combine to form compounds what happens to the chemical and physical properties of the elements?

Essentially they disappear. However, of course, if a compound is separated into its component elements the properties will reappear.

A compound is formed when atoms of what elements combine?

Compounds form when elements from two or more differentelements combine.

What is called when two elements combine?

When two or more elements combine they form a compound.

Elements that rarely combine with other elements are the?

The noble gases are generally quite inert and rarely combine with other elements.

What can chromium combine with?

will chromium combine with other elements

Can you combine aluminium and silver?

These elements will not combine chemically.

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