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She becomes wet, blood rushes to her vulva, and she wants to do a sexual act which may or may not lead to masturbation or sex.

2011-07-29 18:39:35
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Do girls like horny guys?

girls like horny guys when girls are comfortable with their sexuality or when they are lonely and will take anything. girls only like guys that are horny when they don't creep them out by being obsessve and obnoxious because they are horny.

What age can girls get horny?

Girls can get horny at any age but when they get older the will know what to do when the feeling comes to them

Why are girls horny?

they are addicted

What do girls do when they are horny?

Have sex!

Do girls get horny in school?

yes all the time, everyone gets horny

How horny do girls get?

As horny as they want to get. Girls get just as horny as guys, it's just not as obvious. After all their equipment is more hidden than a guy's. They talk about it like the guys do.

Do girls get horny by watching fights?


Do girls get horny?

AnswerYes.If you turn them on.

Do young girls get horny?

Yes I do

Can girls be horny?

yes, yes they can.

Do girls feel horny?

Yes they do.

Do you like horny girls?

yes i do

Do girls nut when they are horny?


Do girls get horny in class?

They can, yes.

Do girls nipples get hard when she horny?

Yes they do but it does not mean that they are horny. Temperature and simulation of clothing etc. can make they get hard. It does not necessary mean she is horny. Some girls nipples are just naturally hard too.

What type of girls love giving footjobs?

horny girls with feet.

Do girls get horny as much as guys?

NO they dont but some do What you mean is - yes many do get as horny as guys.

What happens when you are horny?

A lot of things. Getting horny Is being inexplicably turned on, and it's usually pretty easy to get horny

Why do girls get horny on their periods?

because of hormones.

When do girls finger themselves?

when they are horny lol

What are girls like when you are alone with one?


What happens to women when they are horny?

They get wet.

What happens when a girl orgazums?

I get horny

How can a boy get horny?

Boys get horny when they hear or think about naked girls or sex, this happens often like 10-20 times a day. What happens is the penis lifts up and gets hard so that when he puts his penis into a girls vagina it doesn't bend the other reason is so that urine (pis) doesn't go into the vagina during an orgasm

Is it wrong to not be horny?

not at-all. its a great sensation that happens to everyone. the younger you are the more fun it is to be horny.