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Q: What happens when latex gets cold?
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What happens to latex when it gets hot?

it fuse

What happens when the water reaches the poles?

it gets cold and freezes

What happens if the North Pole gets dark?

it gets cold

What happens if you freeze stone?

it gets cold

What happens when a Lcd tv get frozen?

it gets a cold

What happens to birds when it gets cold?

They migrate to the south.

What happens to a human when it gets very cold?

they can die

What happens when reptile gets too cold?

it turns it heat on

What happens to water when it gets cold?

It expands when you freeze it

What happens when a fluid starts to cool down after being heated?

it gets coldit gets cold

What happens when ice is added to water?

its gets cold Actually the ice gets warmer. Its the water that gets cold.

What happens when air conditioner touches steel?

The steel gets cold.