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Q: What happens when light passes into a denser substance?
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What happens when light goes from water to air?

light rays bend away from normal as it passes from denser water to rarer air

What happens when light passes through a substance near 0 degrees Kelvin?

When light passes through a substance near 0 degrees Kelvin, it bends and becomes deformed.

When light passes through a denser medium what happens to the light?

a denser medium hav more no.of particles also > the no.of particles > the opposition provided for..... therefore both wavelength and speed of light changes but frequency remains the same.

What happens if light passes through substance?

It depends on whether the substance is transparent, translucent or opaque. A transparent substance allows nearly all the light through. A translucent substance allows some light through. An opaque substance blocks all the light.

Do a light ray speeds up or slow down when it passes into a denser material?

yes,it will slow down

As light passes from one substance to another it is?

Its being Refracted.

If light passes from one substance into another is usually called?


How Light passes through water?

It happens by the refraction of light.

What happens to light rays when it passes from one substance to another?

Assuming you're talking about transparent substances... It bends (refracts). The amount depends on the difference between the refractive index of each substance.

Why does a stick dipped in water appears to be bent?

Light bends when it passes at an angle into a medium of a different density. When light passes from a less dense medium into a denser medium, like from space into Earth's atmosphere or from air into water, it bends toward the normal, which is an imaginary line perpendicular to the boundary between the two media where the light passes through. Light passing from a denser medium to a less dense medium bends away from the normal.

What is emergent ray in refraction of light?

The emergent ray is the ray of light which passes through a denser medium(glass) to a rarer medium(air).

What happens when light passes through a cylindrical lens?

sh@@ happens