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When muscles are exercised extensively in the absence of sufficient oxygen lactic acid is produced. When glycolysis occurs a molecule of glucose is split, two molecules of pyruvic acid are made, and some ATP is produced.

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When muscles are exercised extensively in the absence of sufficient oxygen what happens?

When muscles are exercised extensively in the absence of sufficient oxygen what happens lactic acid is produced.

What happens when muscles are exercised without sufficient oxygen?

well if muscles run out of oxygen you might slow down and not breath proppely and you might also die.

What happens to muscle when they are exercised regularly exercised vigorously as in weight lifting not used?

they become tone

What happens to the muscles that are exercised regularly?

eat booty

What happens to muscular system while swimming?

Muscles are exercised, if exercised enough, the muscles will tear, and be repaired, which is how the body becomes stronger.

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it dies

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Absence of vit d causes rickets in children and osteomalaxia in adult

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ZnCO3, when heated in the absence of air, decomposes to give ZnO and CO2. I think this is the answer.

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absence of menses, hormonal problems.

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it explodes

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it explodes

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What happens if you do not have sufficient vitamin d?

Body becomes tired and weak.

What happens to pyruvate molecules formed in glycolysis in the absence of oxygen?

they will enter the Krebs cycle

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They fall at the same rate.

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Yes. That is exactly what an absence seizure is. You do not remember it, either. If it happens when a person is walking they can fall.

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Circulating water will not be sufficient and the car will overheat.

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To my knowlegde i think you start to misbehave.

What happens when cells in the human body do not have sufficient oxygen during respiration?

u die

What happens to the heart when you've exercised?

It pumps blood around your body, the blood contains oxygen and this is then sent to the muscles you are exercising to give them energy.