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Q: What happens when salt and ammonia mix?
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What happens when you mix ammonia Fe2O3 and H2O2?


What happens when you mix water wth salt?

You get a salt solution.

What happens when you mix ammonia and chlorine?

Chloroamine is produced from that. Also Hydrazine can be formed

What happens when you mix beer with salt?

It fizzes

What happens when you mix ammonia and lighter fluid?

What most people call "ammonia" is actually a solution of what chemists call ammonia in water. If you mix household ammonia with lighter fluid, they won't mix. Lighter fluid is probably (mostly) butane, which is not exactly miscible with water. I'm not actually positive whether it's miscible with "real" ammonia or not in the liquid state, but I doubt it; ammonia is polar and butane is not.

What happen when ammonia mix whit air?

Nothing "happens". Well, other than what you said. The ammonia mixes with the air. And then diffusion, I guess.

What happens if you mix a acid and a base?

we get salt and water

What happens when you mix distilled water with salt and soup?

When you mix distilled water with salt and soup, the result is dilute soup.

What happens when you mix calcium hydroxide and ammonium chloride?

yup it makes ammonia

What is produced when you neutralize vinegar with ammonia?

When you mix together an acid and a base, a salt and water are formed. In this case, the acetic acid in vinegar reacts with ammonia. In this case, the products are ammonium acetate (NH4C2H3O2) (the salt) and water (H2O).

What happen when sand and salt mix?

You get a mixture of salt and sand. Nothing more happens.

How do you prepare ammonium chloride?

Mix ammonia with a solution of hydrochloric acid, then evaporate the solution. The remaining salt is what you want.