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You get a mixture of sodium chloride and gold. There will be no chemical reaction. Gold is very unreactive.

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Q: What happens when sodium chloride is mixed with gold?
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How do separate gold from sodium gold chloride?

You can separate gold from sodium gold chloride by adding zinc powder to the sodium gold chloride and heating the mixture. Then you will be left with just gold.

When a solution of sodium sulfide and iron III chloride are mixed what precipitate if any is formed?

FeCI3 +3NaOH ->Fe(OH)3 +3NaCIIron (III) chloride + Sodium Hydroxide ---> iron (III) hydroxide + sodium chloride

What is AuCl3 named?

Gold(III) chloride

How do you make a colloidal gold generator?

You can make colloidal with low voltage electrolysis you need about 30 volts dc at 500ma, a pure gold anode, a copper cathode, ordinary table salt, and tri-sodium citrate. The electrical current along with the salt (sodium chloride) produces gold chloride, which is reduced back to metal nanoparticles by the tri-sodium citrate which is a reducing agent and stabilizer.

A voltaic cell is made with gold and sodium electrodes What happens at the cathode of this cell?

Gold is reduced. Gold is plated onto the cathode.

How does the behavior of the electrons in block of gold differ from the behavior in a block of salt?

gold (Ag) is a pure element, so the electrons just orbit the nucleus in the electron cloud. But salt is a compound of sodium plus chloride (NaCl). these elements are bonded together in an Ionic bond, so Sodium (Na) loses an electron, and that electron is transferred to chloride (Cl), this way both elements have 8 valence electrons. In short, gold's electrons orbit the nucleus, and in salt, sodium gives an electron to chloride so they can both have 8 valence electrons.

What is the chemical formula for gold (III) chloride?

Most commonly it is AuCl3 for gold(III) chloride. Gold(I) chloride would be AuCl.

How do you separate gold flakes and water?

The flakes of gold are more dense than water, therefore, it will sink to the bottom and then the water can be carefully poured out

What happens when iodine and sugar are mixed?

doesn't create gold, turns bluish though

What is the chemical formula for gold chloride?

Gold and silver are elements. The symbol for gold is Au, and the symbol for silver is Ag.

How do you change color of the penny?

A red sharpie works real well.-------------------------If you want to change it to silver and gold, all you need is zinc, sodium chloride and fire.You heat the zinc with the sodium chloride and stick the pennies in there. Once it's been a minute or so the color changes to silver. Take it out and stick the pennie over fire and eventually it turns into gold. (Something like that)

Are sugar and table salt and gold compounds or elements?

Sugar and salt are compunds Gold is an element Household sugar is sucrose, it is made from carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; with the formula C12H22O11, it is a glucose and a fructose molecule bonded together. Table salt is sodium chloride, NaCl, made from a sodium and a chlorine atom bonding together. Gold is just gold ,Au.