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Nothing, just use a condom.

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Nothing, but you could get STD's, HIV then AIDS. If you are lucky you could advoid STD's and HIVs. When sperm enters anus, nothing but it is possible that sperm can enter in your blood strem if the wall of the anus is cut or opened

At conception, the sperm enters the egg and the DNA of the sperm merges with the DNA of the Egg cell.

You mean the rectum. The rectum is the tube that holds feces until we can expel the feces on the toilet. The anus is merely the name of an opening that has a sphincter of muscular tissue around it to hold the anus closed. By saying feces "enters" the anus, you're meaning that feces is already partway out of the body because the anus does NOT "hold" anything. The rectum does.

No. The problem is that semen may LEAK from the anus and reach the exterior of the vagina, from which the sperm could also reach the mucus lining and eventually the fallopian tubes. This is how pregnancy can occur from strictly anal sex.

If an object is entered into the anus, it usually requires a trip the the ER to have it removed.

Apart from the risk of catching a STD, nothing.

No, obviously a woman cannot get pregnant as a result of sperm in her anus.For a baby to be made semen has to go into the vagina for it to go on to meet the egg in the fallopian tube, then when fertilized the zygote goes on to implant in the uterus.

After waste leaves the Colon, it enters the Rectum, and is discharged through the Anus.

The sperm enters the egg (conception) in the fallopian tube.

They die and eventually come out with the discharge.

gets them knocked-up you idiot how come you don't know this

There is nothing that will happen if your own sperm comes in contact with a cut on your body.

The biggest part of the sperm enters the egg first. The whole sperm eventually is in the egg.

The head of the sperm enters the oocyte. The flagellum remains outside.

No. The anus leads to the intestines, not the uterus.

When a sperm enters the egg it is called fertilization.Note: ONE sperm enters ONE egg. However, many sperm may TRY to enter one egg; only 1 succeeds.

No. Your anus is not a vagina. It connects to the intestines and has nothing to do with the uterus.

Sperm can last for 3-5 days.

No, the frog does not have an anus. The frog may not have an anus but it has a cloaca that is like an anus but allows not just waste, but sperm and/or eggs to also pass through it.

Well, the sperm enters the cell, and fertilizes it. The sperm actually is living with an acrosome, nucleus, centrioles, head, mitochondrion, and a mid piece. Does this answer your question? If not write me at

Either an enema or defaecating.

When a sperm enters an egg cell, it fertilizes it.

can women pregnent if eating a sperm

No! Not unless you have a tear between your anus and your vagina. But you would probably be dead then! Sperm has to get to your uterus to fertilize an egg, and it can not from your anus. But if you wiped the sperm out over your vagina after anal sex then you might cause that to happen.