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Q: What happens when sunlight photons passes through a glass pane?
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What happens to sunlight as it passes through the stratosphere?

As sunlight passes through the stratosphere, it will be scattered and produce different colors. That's why we see colors on earth.

Will shadow of photons exist?

No. Photons can not cast a shadow light passes happily through itself.

Is a rainbow formed when sunlight bends as it passes through raindrops?


what happens to sunlight as it enters the earth's atmosphere?

Sunlight experiences some degree of scattering (technically, Rayleigh Scattering) as it passes through the atmosphere, which causes the sky to appear blue and the sunlight to appear yellow. Some of the sunlight encounters clouds, while some reaches the ground.

What happens to interstellar gas as it passes through a spiral density wave?

what happens to interstellear gas as it passes through a spiral density wave

Sunlight passes through but does not heat the earth watercloudsor air?

it does not heat the clouds

What happens to the recturm?

the food passes through

What happens to sunlight that strike a leaf but is not trapped by photosynthesis?

The sunlight that strikes a leaf but is not trapped by photosynthesis is reflected back by the leaf. Only certain wavelengths of solar energy is absorbed by a leaf.

What happens when light passes through a cylindrical lens?

sh@@ happens

What happens to energy as it passes through many molecules?

nothing happens

What happens to light after it passes through a converging lens and after it passes through a diverging lens?

becomes more converging

When sunlight passes through a prism the different wavelengths separate into an of colors?

It's called a spectrum.