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Here are some of the signs of poor kidney function:

  • Urinating less than normal.
  • Swelling from fluid buildup in your tissues. This is called edema (say "ih-DEE-muh").
  • Feeling very tired or sleepy.
  • Not feeling hungry, or losing weight without trying.
  • Feeling sick to your stomach (nauseated) or vomiting.
  • Having trouble sleeping.
  • Headaches or trouble thinking clearly.
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Your kidneys shut down, and you die.

no, does your computer function if you shut it down?

well it will shut down your pancreas and then your kidneys

Two gallons of water if drank all at once will shut down you kidneys

You''re body will shut down after a little while and yes, eventually you will die...

If your kidneys shut down and you do not have immediate medical care you will die very soon. Many people will receive dialysis to prolong their life after their kidneys shut down.

No where, because if your kidneys have shut down then they are not making any pee, so there is no pee to go anywhere. What happens is fluid and impurities that are usually filtered out by the kidneys builds up in your blood, the extra fluid builds up in feet, legs and arms and eventually the person will die, unless they do dialysis.

Well, the liver filters your blood and breaks down nutriens and drugs so your body can absorb them easier. The kidnesy filter waste and poisons out of the blood. So if they shut down, after a while, you'd die.

The kidneys filter your blood. That is why, if your kidneys shut down you need to have Dialysis or a transplant.

No, your kidneys can't start back because when it shuts down means it stopped and that you have to replace it but it can't start back

Yes. But there are even more painful options.

vomit, get extreme headaches, if they dont take it for a long time, then, their body will shut down the liver,kidneys,pancreas heart and they will die.

If it goes untreated it will spread to the kidneys and shut them down so yes.

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multi organ failure is usually when your kidneys, lungs, heart shut down.

no, unless the kid has kidney failure (in which case it was probably an environmental toxin that shut down the kidneys)

If it goes untreated it will spread to your kidneys and shut them down so infertility will be your last problem.

My uncle died of cancer this year and he has 6 month or less to live

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Whe your kidney shuts down the rest of your organs slowly shut down and then you die.

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