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The relative humidity is higher.

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Q: What happens when the wet and dry bulb thermometers are close together?
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What does the principle of the wet-bulb and dry-bulb thermometers state?

Evaporation causes cooling.

What instrument measures relative humidity using wet-bulb and dry-bulb thermometers?


What happens when a bulb ammeter battery and switch are put connected together?

the bulb will glow and ammeter will show the reading

Is there mercury in thermometers today?

In ordinary bulb thermometers, yes.

Why does a wet bulb thermometer measure lower than a dry bulb thermometer?

It happens due to: 1)Insufficient evaporation taking place from the wet bulb due to salt and dust or other impurities on the muslin,or due to presence of no water on the muslin. 2)It maybe due to difference in sensitivities of both the thermometers whereby one of them is slow in recording sudden changes of temperatures. 3)Lastly,maybe due to faculty of broken thermometers.

Why do you flick thermometers before using them?

This is only in the case of of clinical thermometers, which usually have mercury inside them. These thermometers have a constriction just after the bulbthat allows the mercury to flow due to the pressure of expansion and contraction but is thin enough not to allow the mercury back into the bulb, to allow people to read the thermometer without having to hurry. people flick the thermometers to force the mercury back into the bulb so that temperature can be taken again.

How does a wetdry bulb work?

The thermometers are the same, one's bulb is covered in thin cloth called a muslin. The muslin is connected to a water reservoir, and water "wicks" up the muslin, evaporates, and cools the thermometer. So the wet is always (or should be) lower than the dry bulb temp. From the difference (called the wet bulb depression) you can calculate dew point and relative humidity, from printed tables. If the air is dry the depression will be higher (as there is more cooling) while the temps will be close together if the air is moist.

If both wet-bulb and dry-bulb thermometers read the same?

I believe that would mean that the air is completely saturated with moisture-- 100% humidity.

Why is the bulb of a thermometer large?

AnswerSo larger the Bulb so biger the movement of the indicator colum at changes of temperature.Hope it helpsFritzAll bulb thermometers use a fairly large bulb and a narrow tube to accentuate the change in volume.

Why do you put thermometers on body for 1 minute?

Older thermometers took about a minute for the body temperature to warm the mercury in the glass bulb so that it reached body temperature and a reading could be taken. Modern thermometers are much faster and do not need to be kept for a minute.

How does a psychrometer work?

A psychrometer has two thermometers first off, second it can work by the bulb of the wet-bulb thermometer that has a cloth covering the moistened with water. Air is than blown over both thermometers. Because the wet -bulb thermometer is cooled by evaporation, its reading drops below that of the dry- bulb thermometer and dont let stalkers stalk you .. plus LOOK UP SKRILLEX ON YOUTUBE!! AWESOME!!!

On metar report wbd 0.9 what does it mean?

Wet Bulb Depression. The difference between the dry- and wet-bulb temperatures. Used when temp and dew point are close together.