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The object with the lower average temperature will take heat from the other object until both objects have the same temperature.

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If the items continue to touch they will get colder or warmer till they are the same tempature.

Heat moves from the stove to your hand, as heat flows from objects with higher temperatures to objects with lower temperatures.

the heat from the warmer object will move to the colder object, for heat can only move in one direction.

The objects repel each other.They try to move as far apart as they can.

Particles of two different substances with different temperatures need to touch

If the contact is good, then energy (heat) will pass from the object at a higher temperature to the one at a lower temperature until the temperatures of the two bodies are equal. This precludes cases such as a burning match stick touching a flammable object and such

When two objects at difference temperatures touch, they both decrease or increase to result in the same temperatures so that it's at equilibrium. To change in temperature, the heat energy from the the object with the higher temperature will always flow to the object with the lower temperature. This is also the definition of heat and is not to be mistaken with temperature. Heat is the transfer of energy from an object with a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature. Temperature is the measurement of kinetic energy of particles in an object.

Mechanoreceptors for touch and Thermoreceptors for temperatures

the thermal energy of both will remain constant as there would be no thermal energy transfer

Electricity passes between them until the dissimilar charges become equal

if you touch a snake nothing happens

No.An isotherm is a collection of points that are all at the same temperature. If two (different) isotherms were to touch each other then that would imply that they were at the same temperature but, by definition, if they have points on them at different temperatures then all the points on them must be at different temperatures.

actualy no two objects can physicly touch because the magnetic field between the objects caused by the atoms

The energy (heat in this case) starts to make an equilibrium by taking heat from the hot object and giving it to the cooler object. This is called conduction, or heat transfer through touch.

There are different types of thermal energy like conduction, convection, and radiation. But the one that requires objects to touch is conduction.

When objects touch, heat is transferred by the process of conduction. Conduction is when heat transfers when molecules collide!

The same thing that happens when you touch a stone or a rock.

Did you touch it with your nose?

No. Gravity is a force that does not require the two objects to touch.

If you touch it?....haha, nothing.

radiation: the objects don't touch conduction: the objects do touch convectioin: idk go ask your science teacher ^.^

Hi my name is Emily Goodman and I got the same question at school one day and can't figure it out.Then I looked in my books and here is the answer... When two objects that have the same temperature touch one object loses thermal energy and the other gains energy. !

Coral is a living structure. Underwater if you touch it you can damage it. Out of the water nothing happens.

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