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it turns back from a gas to a liquid

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What happens to water vapor when it is cooled?

The water vapor turns into liquid water.

What happens with water vapor when its cooled?

when water vapour is cooled it condenses and falls as rain

What is formed when water vapor is cooled?

When water vapor is cooled is forms a liquid (water).

What happens when water vapor or steam is cooled?

This change of state is called condensation.

When does dew form?

when a gas is cooled or/also when water vapor is cooled

When saturated air is cooled what happens to its capacity to hold water vapor?

The capacity becomes smaller, and the water condenses out (the source of fog).

What causes water vapor turn back into liquid?

When water vapor is cooled it turns into liquid.

When steam is cooled in the air you can see it condensing what is that called?

When steam is cooled in the air it creates water vapor. This water vapor comes together to create clouds and fog.

What is the rising air mass that becomes cooled and the water vapor?

The rising air mass becomes cooled and the water vapor becomes the mass of clouds. I hope this will helpful !

When water vapor loses energy what phase change occurs?

Water vapor condenses into liquid water when it is cooled sufficiently.

What happens if water vapor is cooled below the freezing point of water?

The most obvious answer is that the vapor will condense rapidly, even possibly before your eyes. By condense, I mean that the vapor will quickly turn into a liquid state. It will then freeze into a solid state (ice).

What happened to water vapor when earth formed and cooled?

When the earth formed and then cooled, the water vapor and water froze forming the glaciers. The glaciers later started to melt which formed lakes, rivers, and oceans.

What can change water vapor into a liquid?

If the vapor is cooled and or put under pressure, it will condense to liquid

Were the oceans formed when the earth cooled and water vapor condensed to create rain?

Yes, the ocean was formed when the earth cooled and water vapor condensed to create rain because of a major storm.

Were does the snow come from?

The air, when water vapor particles are cooled to solids.

What happens to the water vapor in the air when the air is cooled to its dew point?

When water vapor reaches its dew point it then becomes saturated. Either the vapor falls as rain, or if it is a cool clear night it forms as dew on surfaces. if the surface is cold enough it can also form as frost.

What part of the water cycle does the clouds form?

Condensation (after the water vapor has risen, expanded and cooled)

What happens to water when it is cooled?

the water will turn into ice

What happens to water vapor in the air when cooled?

it becomes liquid again it can condense on dust particles in air - steam - or on any cold surface eg windows

What can cause water vapor in the air to be cooled?

The process is called condensation. It occurs when the water is cooled below its boiling point due to the temperature in the environment cooling it.

What happened to the water vapor in the atmosphere when the early Earth cooled?

As the earth cooled, water vapour in the atmosphere condensed to a liquid (water) and fell to the earth as rain the make the oceans.

What happens to the volume of water when it is cooled?

When water is cooled, its volume is reduced until near 4°C. After that, if it is cooled further, its volume increases.

What gas can turn into a liquid?

water vapor (gas state) can turn into water (liquid state) when cooled.

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