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Three things: One your a excelent trainer. Two you get another coler up grade on your trainer card. Three make peopel Jealous with all your Pokemon :]

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Q: What happens when you catch all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?
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How many pocket monsters can you catch in diamond without cheats?

It's commonly refered to Pokemon. In diamond, you can now catch all 493 Pokemon due to recent events.

How many Pokemon r there on diamond?

493 are in diamond

How many Pokemon in the pokedex on diamond?


Is there any Pokemon hacked game where you can catch all the 493 Pokรฉmon and you have infinite masterballs?

Yep. in Pokemon Diamond an Pearl on a R4 cart.

How many Pokemon in diamond?

there are exactly 493 pokemon, i know!

Pokemon diamond how many Pokemon are there in the whole game?


How do you complete the pokedex on Pokemon Diamond?

You must catch every Pokemon 1-493 except for Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, mewtwo, and Deoxys.

How many Pokemon are there in Diamond and Pearl and Platinum?


How meny Pokemon are there in Pokemon Pearl?

493 just like in diamond

What new Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum can you catch?

no knew pokemon. still 493

How much Pokemon are there in Pokemon Diamond?

493 including mew deoxys arcues

How much Pokemon are threre in Pokemon Diamond?

i believe there is 490 through 493

How do you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond without an action reply or game shark?

You can buy the game Preloaded with all 493 Pokemon at:

How do you catch all 493 Pokemon with a action reply?

you cant

How many Pokemon do you have to catch to finish in heart gold?


How much Pokemon is there on pearl?

493 Pokemon all together, however to catch them all you will need to attend Pokemon events, and have Pokemon fire red/ leaf green, diamond, ruby/sapphire/emerald.

How do you catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you cant do that because that cheat code isint real you need to use the Pokemon modifier silly it will take 2 days to get every Pokemon from 493 of them

Is there a Pokemon ROM on the PC where you can catch all 493 Pokemon?

There is a patch for Pokemon Emerald with all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pokemon. Nothing with all the 493 yet

How do you get all 493 Pokemon on diamond version ds?

You trade with people.

Is there a code for 493 master balls for Pokemon diamond?

yes there is you just prees the down button and 493 will apper

How many Pokemon can you get after you get the national dex in diamond?

In Diamond and Pearl, there is a total of 493 Pokemon. 5 of these are event Pokemon and are required for completion of the nationaldex.

How many Pokemon are in Pokemon Diamond?

TOTAL IS:493 ........surprisingly i have every Pokemon so i should know:)

What are Pokemon 450-493?

Go buy a Pokemon diamond and Peral book and find out answer by Jalil

How much Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond game?

151 sinnoh pokedex 493 national pokedex

What is the national dex in diamond?

it'z a pokedex that can show you 493 Pokemon if you see them