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What happens when you eat soap?

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Stomach ache and vomiting.
If you eat soap, you will probably get sick.

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What happens when you eat soap'?

You will get stomach aches and start vomiting

What happens when you mix soap and dirt?

it will eat up the dirt.

What happens when you eat soap powder?

You may get poisened or die quickly.Please don't do it.

What happens when you eat a bar of soap'?

Ingesting a bar of soap will cleanse your mouth, stomach, and GI tract, and provide you with fresher breath. It will also cause vomitting and diarrhea. It is not advised to eat a bar of soap, though soap is not poisonous. It is advised to eat food instead. Chewing gum or toothpaste are the recommended methods of getting fresher breath.

Can you eat soap?

soap is good to eat ? u would die if u eat soap dove is good like boo

What happens if soap touches a hamster's ears?

Nothing will happen. It is like if soap touched our ears; nothing happens.

What happens when vinegar and dish soap mix?

The basicity of soap is neutralized.

What animals eat soap?

My dog LOVES bubbles and/or soap.

How do separate soap from salt?

you eat the soap and spit out the salt

What happens when you eat a tiny bit of soap?

well it would do nothing to you if it is just a little but if itis alot then go see your doctor.

Is there a catfish bait that turtles will not eat?

they will not eat soap, and im not kidding catfish love it

Do elephants eat soap?


Can birds eat soap?


Why do dogs eat soap?

Dogs will eat anything :)

What happens if soap gets in your penis?

Maybe some discomfort? Urinate to get the soap outta there

What happens when you dip a strip of dry turmeric with soap solution?

Reaction of turmeric with soap

What happens when soap is added to water?

the water will change color causing the soap to melt.

Is soap safe to eat?

Soap is not save to eat it is like pretty much poison so do not eat soap.Soup is only for washing hair and body not for eating.

Do cockroaches eat soap?


What happens if you swallow soap?

You burp bubbles

What happens if a cat drinks soap?

he/she will get poisoned

What happens to soap as it is put into coke?

It dissolves.

What happens when you add soap to water?

The soap is dissolved in water (but not totally); the pH of the solution is increased.

Can you wash pumpkin seeds with soap?

If you plan to eat the pumpkin seeds, do not wash them with soap.

Do orang-utans eat soap in the wild?

Soap is man made so no they do not