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It dies

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Q: What happens when you give a goldfish oxycodone?
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What happens when a GoldFish Puffs?

when a goldfish puffs it puffs out what it was chewing on

Can goldfish give birth in may?

no goldfish can not

What happens when you mix oxycodone and lorazapam?

You can Die!

How does your goldfish act when you give it food?

When I feed my goldfish they act excited.

What happens if a goldfish is up and is sideways?


What happens at the end of the goldfish boy?


What happens if a goldfish is not moving but not floating?

he is probably sleeping

What happens when your goldfish is sideways?

usually means its dead

Do pregnant goldfish lose any scales before they give birth?

No, goldfish reproduce using external fertilization; goldfish are never pregnant.

How can oxycodone kill you?

it is possible but only if you take many other drugs before them

Will a male betta fight with a goldfish?

You should not put a male betta with goldfish's.They are aggressive and will fight with goldfish's goldfish give off ammonia and will kill the Betta's.

What does oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a medication give for severe pain. Dont listen to all the dumb asses who say its OxyContin. ITS NOT. it is the generic form of Percocet.