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Sleeping with a bra on can potentially be uncomfortable and restrict blood circulation. It may also cause irritation and rubbing against the skin, which can lead to chafing or rashes. It is generally recommended to remove your bra before sleeping to allow your breasts to relax and promote better sleep.

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you feel normal. so BE CAREFUL XD

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Q: What happens when you go to sleep with a bra on?
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Is it ok to sleep without a bra after a mastectomy?

No it is not bad to sleep without a bra. If you wish to sleep while wearing a bra that is your choice.

Should girls sleep in a bra?

There is no medical reason to intentionally sleep or not sleep in a bra. As a matter of comfort most women prefer to take them off at night.

Why is it bad to sleep with a bra on?

its not bad to sleep with a bra on..its just a myth when people say that your boobs wont grow if you wear a bra on at night. You can't get cancer from it but if you wear a wire bra it's not good for the breast tissue to be squeezed in all night. It is better to sleep without.

Girls sleep in bra?

no not at all..

Is it better not to wear bra at night?

I assume that you mean when you go to sleep? No, do not ever wear a bra to bed. Your breasts are budding and growing and will grow more in your sleep, as will the rest of your body. Your breasts will be kept cool and your nipples won't get irritated from friction. I know you feel more womanly with the bra on and probably never want to take it of, but you must, especially when you go to bed. In fact you do not have to wear a bra at all until you develop an actual cup size. Bras on young girls do help to hide your breasts from guys during the day, which is a good thing, but not when you go to sleep at night.

Does your breast grow if you wear a bra to sleep?

Yes they will still grow but it is not good for the breast tissue to always be in a bra. Don't wear it when you sleep.

Why aren't girls supposed to wear a bra when they go to sleep?

Its not like they aren't allowed to, it all depends on how comfortable you are.

Is it bad to sleep with your bra on?

Yes, it cuts off circulation from flowing easily. Unless, your bra does not have an underwire and fits comfortable when you sleep.

Are you supposed to sleep with a bra?

Its all in what makes you comfortable but it is heathier to sleep without. It gives your girls a chance to breath. If you choose to sleep with one on make sure its either a sports bra or a bra without underwire or padding. Give your girls a break!

Should women sleep with a bra on?

if they want to

Should girls wear a bra when they sleep?


Should woman sleep with No bra on?