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it shrinks but preserve itself

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Q: What happens when you leave a piece of bread in the cold and dark?
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What happens at the end of most cold?

they leave cool air

What happens to hot chocolate when you leave it out for a period of time?

It gets cold

What happens to lip balm if you leave it in the fridge overnight?

It will be cold in the morning.

What happens when you freeze a piece of paper for 24 hours?

It might be a cold piece of paper, but there shouldn't be much difference otherwise.

What happens at the end of most cold currents?

they leave cool air

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When was A Cold Piece of Work created?

A Cold Piece of Work was created on 2005-01-04.

Who made the word sandwich?

The fourth Earl of Sandwich who did not want to leave the gambling tables and asked for some cold meat between two slices of bread, recorded in 1762

Why bread doesn't go bad in winter?

because it is basically freezing/refrigerating the bread it is that cold!

What is cold sandwitch?

Cold cuts, or cheese, or veggies between two slices of bread.

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