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Q: What happens when you mix clay and sand?
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What can silicon mix with?

silicon can be mixed with oxygen to make sand and clay.

What is the most permeable rock?

Sand. The ability of water to flow through a soil is referred to as the soil's permeability (A) Clay (B) Loam (C) Sand (D) Silt (E) Humu

What happens when you mix baking soda and sand?

Nothing happens when backing soda and sand are mixed. There is no reaction.

What happens when you mix blue and yellow clay?

its come green

What happens when you prepare a mixture of sand and sodium chloride?

You mix table salt and sand.

What happen when sand and salt mix?

You get a mixture of salt and sand. Nothing more happens.

How do you make clay in Doodle God?


How do you make clay in alxemy game?


What is the best cement mix to render a swimming pool?

You should use 12 sand (washed sand) 1 bag of cement and 1 shovel of clay (fire clay is ok) or replace the clay with 2.5 shovels of hydrated lime. Mix ti a consistency that reminds you of whipped cream. It will look a bit like elephant hyde.

What kinds of sediments mix with seawater to form turbidity currents What does this mix do to the water?

sand, silt, clay, and other particles and sediments mix with water.this mix forms very dense water.

How is clay different from sand?

Clay is soft and sand is like sand water

Can sand and clay roll into a ball?

Yes if the sand is on the clay it can roll even if the sand was not on the clay.The clay can still roll.