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You will get anti-bacterial soap in the end really. Hand sanitizer will kill bacteria, and soap will wash off dirt and oils

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is james clerk maxwell a scientist

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Q: What happens when you mix hand sanitizer and soap?
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Can you mix hand soap and hand soap?

you can but then you'd get hand soap

If hand sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of germs why don't they mix it with regular soap?

Fact states that normal soaps are already antibacterial, but you see, this is just a marketing tool to lure customers into buying their product instead of regular soap.

What happens to soap in water?

It separates and doesn't mix together. The soap sits at the top of the soft water. Soft water doesn't have that much minerals in it so it doesn't mix with the soap.

How can i change my hand into a soft hand?

What you do is: get a tiny littledrop of vaseline, a drop of lotion , and (optional) hand sanitizer. mix them all together and put on your hands, rub it in . repeat twice a week

Where to buy ingredients for hand sanitizer?

To make hand sanitizer yourself, you only need two basic ingredients; isopropyl alcohol and a thickener. The best thickener would be an alcohol based hair gel, because it will not curdle and will mix consistently. Mix the alcohol and hair gel together and try to get an alcohol content of about 60%, and you'll have hand sanitizer. So you can get the ingredients from any store that sells isopropyl alcohol and hair gel.

What will happen if you mix hand Sanitizer with oil vinegar and water?

Mixing hand sanitizer with oil, vinegar, and water is not recommended as it can result in unpredictable chemical reactions and could potentially be harmful. Hand sanitizer is generally made with alcohol and other chemical compounds that are not intended to be mixed with food or other substances. It's important to always follow the instructions and use hand sanitizer as intended, which is to apply it directly to your hands and allow it to evaporate without rinsing. Mixing hand sanitizer with other substances can reduce its effectiveness and potentially cause harm. It's best to avoid mixing household chemicals and to always keep them out of reach of children and pets.

What happens when you mix gas and soap?

It's a possibility that your car may not start correctly.

How do you make homemade whiteout?

You mix white chalk dust, a little bit of water maybe a couple drops, and a tiny bit of hand sanitizer to thicken it.

Does soap mix with food coloring?

Soap does mix with food colouring and in stains.

How do you use soap to put out a fire?

what the flip flops is wrong with you i have a couple answers, 1) risk burning your hand and hit the fire with the bar of soap to suppress it, or 2) mix the soap with water and dump it on the flames

Can you use shampoo as liquid hand soap?

I do! Well, I mix it with water. I think it should work generally, but not as much as antibiotic hand soaps for injuries etc.

What happens if yo mix hand sanitizer with water and drink it?

well sanitizer is alcohol, so, of course I've never tried it but u might get drunk. and of course the water will taste disgusting