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What happens when you put tinfoil in the microwave?


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It arcs. If it's the only thing in the microwave, it's bad for the magnatron.


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Yes it is ok. Just do not put it in the microwave. It will spark.

wrap it on tinfoil and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes at low temperature

Nothing happens to the metal, there may be sparks from the metal to the housing of the microwave, the microwave may short out.

Microwave blows up or goes on fire

If you mean fixing toast in a microwave then never use tinfoil in a microwave unit or you will start a fire. Use the mirro product to fix it. All metal must be kept out of a microwave unit when it is on.

If you put a mentos in the diet coke and put it on the microwave, it will cause a chemical reaction causing your microwave to explode.

Putting things with metal in a microwave causes sparks to fly.

i don't know . try it and see what happens ??

what happens is they melt first then let them cool and they harden

if you put the whole tube in there it will explode

put it in a microwave or an oven and wait to see what happens.

Leave it out for a couple of minutes. If nobody is eating it, put them in a container and wrap it in tinfoil. When you take it out to eat, pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

the baby is born with telekinetic powers, as well as a coupon good for a free microwave

Dont put it in a microwave

Put a microwave into a microwave then microwave that microwaveUse a mini or smaller microwave

Stupid idea. If there is any metal, ie wire, inside, it will damage your microwave. -How will you explain that to your mother.

They get heated up, and get signals in them which make them unhealthy.

What you will need..... -T3 -Tinfoil -Lighter -Straw Put the t3 on top of the tinfoil sheet. Light the bottom of the tinfoil, and tilt the tinfoil. The T3 will begin to melt, and fall down the tinfoil. Off the melted T3, there will be steam. This is where you will follow the T3 RIGHT behind it with the straw, and inhale.

That's what happens when you put metal near a microwave/magnatron, You shouldn't make a habit of it but if it still works it will be fine to use it.

when you put a grape in the microwave it will explode: but yet again why would you listn to me, half the stuff on here is made up wich is how i am able to type this! SUCKER;)

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