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If you shake it slowly nothing happens.

When a wet piece of cloth is heavily shaken , the reaction makes the tiny particles of water in the fabric to jump away.(Newtons third law.)

It is similar to beating a carpet, the dust jumps up

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Q: What happens when you shake a piece of wet cloth?
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What is a damp cloth?

A damp cloth is a piece of cloth that is slightly wet.

Describe What happens when you shake a piece of wet cloth?

Initially, excess water will be flung off. The now moist cloth, if continued to be waved in the air, will begin to slowly dry as the moisture is evaporated as it passes through the air. This is why a windy, dry day is the best day on which to hang out washing on the line.

Why During high fever a piece of wet cloth is kept on the forehead of the person?

As evaporation cools the body the water in wet cloth evaporates and gives a cooling effect

Why does cloth get transparent when wet?

Wet tee-shirt contest

Why does droplets of water come out when a wet cloth is jerked?

When a wet cloth it jerked the water on it is given kinetic energy. When you stop the movement of the wet cloth by not letting go of it some of the water keeps propelling forward with the energy it was given and does thus not stay on the cloth.

Why do cats shake their paws when they get wet?

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Explain how water gets evaporated from a wet cloth?

Water can be evaporated from a wet cloth by heat so that the water rises into the air and the cloth stays without liquid (solvent) inside it.

How do i clean a wood clock?

a wet cloth

How do you clean a figit friend that is really dirty?

Get a wet wash cloth or wet wipe

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what happens if you tuen on the phone and it is wet

How does a wet cloth stick to the wall?

surface tension.