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car will jerk forward and then go in reverse

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โˆ™ 2012-11-15 04:42:03
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Q: What happens when you shift from drive to reverse with out stopping?
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Can you shift from reverse to drive without stopping?

Generally shifting from reverse to drive, while still rolling, is possible but not recommended. This places a lot of stress on the transmission and other components of the drive train.

What does it mean when a 2000 Breeze doesn't want to shift from Park into Reverse or Drive?

are you pressing the brake as you try to shift?

Why does your vehicle drive forward only?

does it shift into reverse and wont drive? if so its your tranny it needs to be replaced

What do the letters on a gear shift stand for and what do they mean?

Park, reverse, neutral, Drive and low

Is it okay to shift automatic transmission from drive to reverse while car is still moving?

Absolutely not.

How do you unlock the automatic drive shift to move it from park to drive or reverse?

Not sure of the question, but if your car is less than 7 yrs old, apply the brake first, then you can move the shift selector.

Why does vehicle go into drive when shifter is in reverse on my 1994 dodge caravan?

Shift linkage broken or misadjusted?

Your 1997 montero is stuck in 4 wheel drive?

Shift it on 2H, then "REVERSE" for about 10 to 15 Feet....

Diesel powerstroke Engine dies when you shift from drive to reverse?

sounds like the auto transmission has a fault

Why is my 2002 Ford Escape not going into drive but it's going into reverse?

my 2002 ford escape sensor is misfiring and it won't shift into drive

When your 1995 Chevy cavalier is shifted from park to reverse kinda fast it stalls out even if you shift it slow it stalls also when you shift from reverse to drive?

Sounds like a torque converter lock up solenoid.

What is the manuver that people do in the movies in the car which they are in reverse and then they turn a 180 and shift into forward with out stopping to shift it shows this in mr and mrs smith?

This is called a J turn. Look it up on youtube for instructions on executing one.

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