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the mirror that you are holding will keep going in...............

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Q: What happens when you shine a mirror to a mirror?
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What happens when you shine a light ray onto a mirror?

it reflects

What happens if you shine a light into a mirror?

the light reflects back at you in the direction you shone the ray at

When you shine a flashlight at a mirror the ray of light that shines back at you is the ray of incidence?

This is FALSE. The incident wave "happens" when you shine the light AT the mirror. THe light that comes back is called the reflected wave.

When you shine a flashlihgt in the mirror the light rays are going to?

bounce off the mirror

When you shine a flashlight at a mirror does it come back at you?

Yes, it does.

Can urethane paint be sanded and buffed to a mirror shine?

No, what you see is what you get.

If you shine a flashlight at a mirror what does it prove?

When you shine a flashlight at a mirror it proves that you are able to turn the flashlight on. The reflection of that light can be used to demonstrate some basic principles of optics, such as that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. It proves that the flashlight is in working order, that you are able to direct the light toward the mirror, that the light is reflected by the material at the back of the mirror, that the mirror itself is opaque, and that you have access to a mirror and a flashlight.

How do you call glass windows with metal inside?

shine? diomond? or may be mirror

What is the lg phone that turns into a mirror?

the lg shine p.s. i like anal

What Happens when you look in the mirror?

when you look at the mirror it breaks

What happens to the light wave after it stikes the mirror?

what happens when you direct light waves at an angle into a mirror

What happens when you shine light at an angle toward a mirror?

so it is the same when you put a maginifing glass up to a leaf- you make sure that the dot is as small as can be and you will have a hole in the leaf! so this happen by you focusing all the light on spot that you want to burn - remember light gives off heat (same happens when youshine light at an angle toward a mirror)