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What happens when you snort Mirtazapine?


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it goes up without burning and obviously you dont die or i wouldnt be able to write this message although i wouldnt recommend doing a bunch just word of the wise


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Yes you can it's like zannies.

Do you mean snort Lorazepam?

Can you snort metadate and if so what happens?

Snorting the antidepressant Mirtazapine has no recreational value. It would likely be painful. There is no reason not to just take it normally.

Nothing. Codeine is processed through the liver. What happens when you snort T3s is a clogged nose and a bad taste in your mouth.

You turn into a pig *snort snort* Hey sexy xxx

just did and need to know

you would NOT be a Sweet Genius!

there really shouldn't be anything that happens just remember to take your next one at the time your doctor told you i am taking Mirtazapine 15 mg for three weeks now, i have missed several nights where i forgot to take it

It is prescribed benedril. Not worth snorting.

just wondering haven't done it

your nose will probably hurt, that's about it

you're butt explodes in half

No idea, but I bet it burns the nose!

Depends on what was burnt to create the ashes. On thing for sure is it can do you no good. Only an idiot would snort ashes.

all it does is burn your nose and make it run

well with my experience you die! DONT DO IT ciao

dilated pupils and a lot of energy and talkative

This is acetylsalicilic acid . You burn your nasal mucosa.

You mix with vinegar and then snort.

If you have a stuffed up nose and you snort cinnamon and milk, its supposed to clear your nose, but I don't know what cinnamon alone would do.

If you snort vitamins they will be directly released into the blood stream via the nasal passage. This is NOT a good way to take vitamins as the nutrients and components in the vitamins are better absorbed in the stomach's acids. DO NOT SNORT VITAMINS

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