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Water is a polar solvent while chloroform is a non-polar solvent. There is a popular aphorism used for predicting solubility which is "like dissolves like". Water and chloroform have different solubility. Therefore, chloroform is insoluble in water and will just form a layer when mixed. But in the presence of soap solution, they can mix together. Soap serves as an emulsifying agent that will reduce the surface tension of the solution.

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Q: What happens with water and chloroform and soap solution combined?
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What happens if you mix chloroform and water?

Nothing special happens... You just obtain a mix of water and chloroform, which can be used as a disinfectent.

Is chloroform in water an homogenious solution?

No, they both are not miscible and is a heterogeneous solution

What happens when salt and water are combined?

The salt will disolve and combine with the water in solution until it reaches saturation.

What is balanced equation for reaction which methane obtained by reduction of chloroform?

zinc + ethanol + water + chloroform + copper sulphate solution

Physical and chemical properties of chloroform water IP?

Uses of chloroform water

Is sea water is solution or mixture?

Sea water is both a solution and a mixture. It is a mixture because salt and water are combined. It is also a solution because the salt dissolves in water.

What is Double strength chloroform water?

the concentrated chloroform water is called double strength chloroform water it is prepared by adding 5ml conc.chloroform to the 100 ml of water

What happens when a base is solution with water?

Base solution doesn't react with , water .

What happenes when lead nitrate and water are combined?

A lead nitrate solution in water is formed.

When sugar is dissolved in water the sugar and the water are chemically combined?

no, it's merely a solution

How do you separate water from a mixture of chloroform and water?

Distillation, because chloroform and water have different boiling points.

What does an acid produce in a solution?

When combined with water, it makes hydronium (H+) ions, or charged particles. When combined with a base, it makes salt water

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