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Ultraviolet rays from the Sun cause sunburns.

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Q: What harmful rays from the sun cause sunburns?
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What type of rays are produced from the sun or a black light?

The Sun produces all types of light across the entire spectrum. However, the rays of the Sun that cause sunburns, and the light rays from a "black light" bulb, are ultraviolet light, or "UV".

What makes ultraviolet rays harmful to us?

Ultra-violet rays is a type of radiation. Over exposure can cause sunburns and types of skin cancers. UV Rays come from the sun. Consider the how intense the suns heat is. It's the heat and radiation that makes it harmful. In a comedic sense, UV Rays will cook you alive, however, that is quite gruesome. It burns your skin. UV Rays don't cause the same effects as Radiation such as Gamma rays, but they can cause severe skin cancers. ~HellsBaran

How are the sun 's harmful rays injurious to health?

Sun's harmful rays are injurious. They can cause skin cancer etc.

Which part of the atmosphere shields humans from the sun's harmful rays?

The ozone layer present in the stratospheric region of the earth protects us from sun's harmful rays. These rays are very harmful and can cause various problems in living organisms.

Does ultraviolet rays cause sunburns?

There are 2 types of ultra violet rays, UVA and UVB. UVA causes aging and wrinkles, and UVB causes the sun burns.

What is a type of sun ray that is harmful to life?

Ultra Violet are the harmful rays from the Sun. They can cause Skin Cancer, wrinkles or Cataracts.

When is the sun uv rays most harmful?

The sun releases harmful rays too along with the important sunlight. They are the UV rays of the sun.

Is the sun ultra violent rays maybe harmful to skin?

Yes they are harmful. Sun's ultraviolet radiations are fatal and cause harm to the skin.

Ozone which obsorbs harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun?

It absorbs UV rays from the sun. These are fatal rays of the sun.

Which layer of your atmosphere absorbs harmful rays from the sun?

The ozone layer absorbs harmful rays. These rays are UV rays.

Which blocks are harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun?

The ozone blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun. It is present as ozone layer.

How can you protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays?

We could protect ourselves from sun's harmful rays. It is by curbing the use of CFC's.

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