What harsh conditions can ants live through?

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they live through anteaters and humans that cause them severe death.
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How do ants live?

they have oxygen tanks, loaves of hoavis, rich tea biscuits and a kettle:) Ants live in colonies and often create little hills that house them. Many of the ants are workers that gather food and supplies, while a few of the males and females reproduce.

Where do ants live?

They build nests. The nest type depends on the species of ant. inside holes in the ground, when you see multiple anthills in 1 spot it is probably just 1 colony with multiple entrances

Do ants go through metamorphosis?

Yes, they like many other insects go through metamorphosis, as they go from an egg to larvae to pupa to an adult ant, with the help of the worker ants.

Can ants eat through plastic?

While I don't have a scientific answer for this involving all sorts of plastics, I can tell you anecdotally (pardun the pun) that my wife found a large carpenter ant eating a rather large hole of approximately 3/8" in diameter through her shoe's synthetic foam-rubber footbed (inner sole?). The la ( Full Answer )

Were do ants live?

under ground their ant hills lead under ground and there you will find the ant queen. dont dig under!

Where does an ant live?

An ant generally lives in a nest/colony made up of several hundred to several thousand ants. Some colonies have been found to have millions of ants. Most Ants have one large ant called a queen ant who lays all of the eggs. The vast majority of Ants in a nest are workers and they are female The only ( Full Answer )

Why do ants live?

Many insects function as scavengers, eating dead animals and plants that we never think about, but that would pile up if it weren't for scavengers. Many ants are among those scavengers, performing a function that we should be grateful for.

How do bacteria survive harsh conditions?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environment is unfavorable (such as extreme temperatures, radiation, extreme pH levels, extreme pressures and harmful chemical agents) ( Full Answer )

How are cactus' able to live under such harsh conditions?

Cacti have adapted to extremely arid and/or semi-arid hot environments. They show a wide range of features which conserve water. Their stems have adapted to become photosynthetic and succulent, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are well known. The bodies of many ( Full Answer )

Why do ants live in ant hills?

Ants don't live in ant hills, they live under them. The ant hills are the result of the excavated soil from the underground tunnels and chambers where they live.i dont know were ants live dahhhhhhhhhhhhh

What are living conditions?

\nThe circumstances in which the subject lives. It relates to the fundamental aspects of living. Depending on the subject of the sentence living conditions may reefer to the availability of clean drinking water, food, vaccinations, ect. in a third world nation. In the range of living conditions peop ( Full Answer )

How was the harsh condition reaching the Oregon Trail?

Very harsh. Pioneer journals describe crossing flooded rivers and having whole wagons getting washed down river and how they lost everything. They write about the sickness, death, and heat. How, when going over the mountain passes, the wagons would go over a cliff and they would loose family members ( Full Answer )

Harsh working conditions for British factory workers in the 19th century?

The harsh working conditions for British factory workers in the19th century include long working hours, for as long as 16 hours aday, and physical punishment to make workers speed up production.Since machines were not designed for safety, many fatal accidentsresulted.

How do people adapt to living in the harsh environment of the Sahara Desert?

Wear loose clothing and less layers. the houses that are builtshould be cool. and do different activities. During the midday sunpeople generally stay sheltered and have a siesta. If they go outin the day they cover up with loose clothes to keep themselvesshaded cool. why do you want to live there an ( Full Answer )

Where do ants lives?

Most live underground, in old trees, and in anthills. theetam, vali, naatam pedukkalz....and anthills thanks for reading

What helps bacteria survive harsh conditions?

Bacteria can go into a sort of hibernated state to survive in more hostile-to-life environments, such as in places with no food or water. They have a thick cellular wall.

What are some ways in which slaves coped with their harsh lives?

Some cope by basically shutting down, losing all focus and being. These were the really badly treated slaves with no hope, even if they escaped and went back home they knew they would be treated no better and often treated even worse. They became automatons, just doing a job and no longer thinking a ( Full Answer )

Where do ants live in?

they live in anthills that are made of dirt some are flat and some ants live underground for those who don't know this read about ants they will explain better

How harsh were the conditions at breitenau concentration camp?

In the eyes of the Nazis, the deaf were of "minor value". The assumption that deafness was a "hereditary disease" lead to forced sterilization. Breitenau was a Nazi education and labor camp established in June 1933 in Germany. It was located in Guxhagen, ca. 15 km south of Kassel and was built aroun ( Full Answer )

By forming this structure some bacteria can survive harsh condition?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environment is unfavorable (such as extreme temperatures, radiation, extreme pH levels, extreme pressures and harmful chemical agents) ( Full Answer )

Can ants eat through concrete?

Ants do not eat through concrete. They may damage the concrete overtime from getting into the cracks, but they do not eat it.

Do Koala bears have harsh living conditions?

Koalas, which are not bears at all, do not necessarily have harsh living conditions, althoug it is true that they sometimes endure terrible heatwaves in southern Australia, which often lead to devastating bushfires. It lives mostly within the temperate zones. Its habitat is eucalypt woodland and ( Full Answer )

How do Bedouins live in such a harsh environment?

The Bedouins do not view the environment in which they live as harsh. It is just a way of life for them. Others may view their lifestyle as harsh because it is not what they are accustomed or used to. The Bedouins in Israel raise livestock and farm. They create their own teas and coffees. They enjo ( Full Answer )

How have the Adelie Penguins adapted the the harsh conditions in Antarctica?

"Adelie Penguins, like the other three penguin types that breed onAntarctica's beaches, increase their body warmth by basking in the(usually) 24-hour sun, or by retreating to liquid water, which isalways warmer than the ambient Antarctic air. The home of all penguins is sea water, and that's where t ( Full Answer )

Do frogs live in harsh countries?

yes they can as it says in the paragraph about frogs some frogs DO live in Antarctica.frogs may be found anywhere in the world (excluding Antarctica), although most frogs are found in the tropics. Most species are found in tropical regions. You can find frogs in or near places that have water. Some ( Full Answer )

How did the Jews deal with such harsh conditions?

The upper middle and higher class fled to another country. Everyone below found a hiding spot or were sent to concentration camps __ Not all upper and middle class fled. Many were rounded up and sent to concentration camps as well. Those that did manage to flee, usually went to other European coun ( Full Answer )

Why does not bacteria survive in harsh conditions?

There are a number of bacteria that DO survive in harsh environments be it pH or temperature extremes or an environment that is very salty. Bacteria that don't survive in harsh conditions usually lose cell wall integrity and break apart, or lose all their intercellular fluid and shrivel up.

What were some harsh conditions that soldiers faced during the US Civil War?

Confederate troops often did not have sufficient shoes and clothing, or food, particularly after the first year. The provisions on the Confederate supply were poorly managed, mainly due to transport difficulties. Commissary-General Lucius Northrop received some food from abroad via blockade runners, ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of treasury management under harsh economic conditions?

Treasury management involves the process of managing the cash,investments and other financial assets of the business. The goal ofthese activities is to optimize current and medium-term liquidityand make solid financial decisions involving invested andinvestable assets. Treasury management also inclu ( Full Answer )