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What has 100 teeth and holds back King Kong?

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my zipper! xD

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Yes , King Kong is a Silver-back mountain gorilla .

No, but there is a new King Kong 3D movie in Universal Studios Hollywood's studio tour.

A Silver-Back mountain gorilla .

It is often used when teeth are removed. The molars behind the gap want to move forward, so the head gear holds them back, to allow, instead, the front teeth to move back. :)

Superman all the way. Superman would pick up a crevice rock and fly up to space and throw it at King Kong while he is at space. King Kong would beat him up but Superman would burn King Kong's arm and fly him and scrape him on the ground and beat him up. Superman would fly him to space and then back and kill Kong with one punch. Superman wins.

Yes, California King snakes have teeth. They do not have fangs, which are found in venomous snakes. Fangs are hollow, needle-like teeth that are used to inject venom into prey. The teeth of a King snake are very tiny and hard to see. The teeth are similar to a serrated knife and are angled back to maintain a grip on the prey while the snake is constricting it. On a personal note, my California king snake- Cassidy- bit my finger tonight and it bled. I can even see the little teeth marks on my finger.

if a person will be stupid then they will think shark but i thing otherwise sine shark has way more teeth than that, and sharks cannot hold of a monster

Now, I Know Lots Of People Say That Godzilla Wins Just Because Godzilla Is Bigger Than King Kong. I'm Talking About The Same Size As Each Over. In My Terms, Kong. Kong Is MUCH More Intelligent And Like Godzilla Is So Dim Witted That Godzilla Can Think A Building As A Back Scratcher. And Also, Kong Has Defeated MANY Dinosaurs And Other Creatures. King Kong Might As Well Dodge The Breath Of Godzilla And Might Throw A Building At Godzilla. King Kong Is Faster Than Godzilla While Godzilla Just Lumbers Around. King Kong Has More Stamina Than Godzilla. Godzilla Is Not Very Good At Stuff Like Punching And Kicking And He Has Thick Legs That Are Very Bad At Kicking.

Whales have bristles, not teeth. So no their teeth do not grow back.

They are perminent teeth. only milk teeth grow back

no they are wisdom teeth

Yes back teeth fall and grow

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You can search it on Google (If you ask a fan they'll say Chuck Norris, XD)

yes back teeth can come out if they are first (milk) teeth they will be replaced but if they are second or adult teeth they can only be replaced with false teeth

Roots of teeth do not grow back.

well no because those are your strong teeth back there

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it has rows of teeth,every time a teeth comes out, the one on the back replaces it

a rabbits teeth are constantly growing so if your rabbits teeth brake it will grow right back

No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

Yes. Tench have Pharyngeal teeth. These teeth are in the back of the throat.

you can get two teeth your primary "baby: teeth and your permanent "adult" teeth. when you lose you adult teeth it will not grow back

she has them on the back of her teeth.