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well he is the best player in the nhl and he is Canadian. PLUS he won the Stanley cup :)

He is a role model.

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Who made the greatest impact on Canadian Society in 2008?

It's hard to single out people, different people have, in different ways, made good impact on Canadian Society in 2008.

Who has made the greatest impact on Canadian society?

Tommy Douglas was recently chosen as the best Canadian ever.

What impact did Jaques Cartier have on society?

He founded the Canadian city of quebec

What impact does francium have of on society?

Francium has any impact on the society.

What impact does amendment III have on society?

how does the III Amendment impact society

What impact on society did the scientific revolution have?

What the scientific Revolution and its impact on society

Impact of bhakti movement on Indian society?

The impact of Bhakti movement on the Indian Society is that it created a revolution in the society.

How did Muhammad Ali impact society?

how did muhammad ali impact on society or historical significance

How did Benjamin Franklin impact society?

what is the impact benjamin Franklin had or has on society and what is its historical significance?

Impact of foreign channels on Indian society?

Impact of foreign channels on SRILANKA society?

The impact of mojo dj businesses on society?

the impact of mojo dj and businesses on society?

What impact does Ebola have on American society?

So far, Ebola has had no impact on American Society.

How did dust bowl impact Texas society?

how did the dust bowl impact texas society

How computer programs impact modern society?

how computers programs impact modern society

Impact of advertising on society?

Advertising has a huge impact on society. It shows the world what a society values or wants in each ad.

What impact has kimora lee simmons made on society?

how did kimora lee simmons impact society

Did malcolm-x make an impact to society?

Yes he made a huge impact on society

What was Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's impact of society?

how did toulouse-lautrec impact society

How computers have affected your society positively and negatively?

What impact do computers have on society?AnswerWhat impact do computers have on society?Matt n is the bees knees

What impact on humanity did the ancient olympic games in Greece have?

it had a huge impact on society it was giving peopole it had a huge impact on society it was giving peopole

How did George Washington Carvers invetions have an impact on society?

How did george washington carvers invetions have an impact on society?

How did confucianism influence on society?

It didn't influence society , it was a bad impact on society

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