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Space rocks (meteors) striking the surface.

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Q: What has caused all of the craters on the moons surface?
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Do all moons have craters?

yes. it may be caused due to meteoroids because moon has no atmosphere

What do all moons have that not all planets have?


What are the characteristics of Jupiter's moons?

the are all big and have craters

Do any of Jupiter's moons have a crater?

Yes. As far as I know, all of Jupiter's moons (and all other moons in the Solar System) have craters.

Why are there no impact craters on the surface of lo?

Io did have impact craters but they have all been buried in lawa flows

What kinds of objects are all over the surface of moon?


What inner planet has a surface with craters?

All four inner planets have craters. Mercury is the most heavily cratered.

What caused many craters in the moon?

Since the Moon is cold and has no volcanoes, virtually all the craters there are the results of impacts.

What is the lunar surface made out of?

The lunar surface is made up of rocks and craters of all shapes.

What do surface features and their distribution on the moons surface tell you about its history?

Earth's shadow on the moon proved that earth wasn't flat. When galileo first turned his telescope to the moon, he found a surface scarred by craters and maria. Before that time, many people believed that all planetary bodies were "perfect" without surface features.

What caused the Copernicus crater?

We think that all the craters were formed by meteor strikes.

Does Mars have craters?

yes it does but did you know,all planets have craters if they're made of solid material.. earth does. moons do. etc.