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The budget has been drastically reduced. The US people and government believe that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

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Q: What has happend to space exploration in the US?
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When did the US begin space exploration?

There are different ways to define space exploration. In the 1940s the US began sending animals into space. Planning for US human exploration began with the formation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in July of 1958.

Did space exploration began in the US?

Space Exploration did not begin in the US. The first country to successfully launch a human into outer space was the Soviet Union.

How does each space exploration benefit us?

space exploration helps us,know wats really up in space. And space exploration benefits us because that's were we get out comminicaton and everything else from Taxes will be lower.

How did the US and USSR compete in space?

The US and USSR did compete in space by competing to attain the firsts in space exploration.

How does space exploration help us?

It helps us by giving us signals

What kind of technology helped US space program?

It is in astronomy, space travel and exploration

What group leads the us in its space exploration program?

NASA or the European space agency

Should the US spend money on space exploration?


What happend after the age of exploration?

scientific revolution

Who leads the us in its space exploration program?

that's a good question

Which was a US reaction to news of Soviet exploration in space?

the creation of NASA

What was a US reaction to news of Soviet exploration in space?

the creation of NASA

What country led the way in space exploration?

The Soviet Union and the US.

How has space exploration helped us learn about impacts of space objects on earth?

Exploration of other worlds has helps us learn about the impact of space objects. When an object strikes the surface of a larger object in space, it explodes and leaves behind a round pit called an impact crater.

How did rockets improve space exploration?

a rocket improved space exploration

What are the latest findings about space exploration?

latest finding about space exploration?

How did the cold war influence development and early goals of NASA and space flight programs?

NASA got started because the Russians launched Sputnik and were ahead of the US in space exploration. The US did not want to be left out of the space race and did not want the Soviet Union to steal a march on space exploration.

How will space stations help in the exploration of space?

Space stations can help in the exploration of space because in space stations they do experiments on things they find in space.

Are there objects in space that start with the letter R?

· Rovers (US exploration of Mars)

How does a rocket aid in space exploration?

Rockets lift the astronauts into space to do their exploration.

When was Space Exploration Alliance created?

Space Exploration Alliance was created in 2004.

The space project launched by US and RUSSIA together for space exploration?

The International Space Station (ISS). But its not just Russian and the US other countries contribute as well, although the US and Russia are the biggest.

What year is the first space exploration?

space travel was invented 1777 and the first space exploration was at 1957

Why should space exploration be continued?

Yes, I think space exploration should continue because only two out of 113 missions have failed. Space exploration is a good thing for many people. Space exploration gives us more knowledge. More knowledge means a lot to us. Another reason it should continue is because if we stop a lot of people are out of jobs and we can't then discover more things see how the world is doing and other country will get ahead. That is why it should continue and I find space interesting.

What agency was created by the US to try to catch up with space exploration?

NASA was created to help the US 'catch up' to Russia in the space race.