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Toilet water generally has more bacteria compared to water fountain water. This is because toilet water is often contaminated with fecal matter and can contain various pathogens. On the other hand, water fountain water is usually sourced from a clean water supply and is regularly monitored and maintained for cleanliness and safety.

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if the water is dirty by waste the toilt,if not the fountain water is.

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Q: What has more bacteria toilet water or water fountain water?
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Are water fountains germ free?

Public water fountains can be extremely dangerous in the number and kinds of bacteria that are found there. Some studies have found that water fountains harbor more germs than the water in a toilet bowl. People either throw trash in the fountain, spit in it, or put their mouths directly on the spigot.

Which has more bacteria your shoes a door knob your telephone the toilet seat or your comb?

a toilet seat has more bacteria because a toilet seat is what everybody uses every day. to take number 2's or dunks, and urinate. which sometimes goes on the seat and you forget to clean it.

Which is more bacteria water or food?

Neither are bacteria.

When Washer is draining Toilet and Tub fills up with drain water?

You have to use toilet more

How can you go to the toilet more while pregnant?

Drink more water

An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet?

Not true!..Just the germ sitting at it!

I have a water fountain on your backyard but bees are around it How can you get rid of them?

Bees need water to cool their home. They also add it to the honey.Bees go to the closest water. If your fountain is the closest water source, then the bees need more water sources. Put in a few more water sources and encourage the neighbors to do the same. It's nature and we people are in their backyard. If you don't want bees in your fountain drain the water and put a plant in it.

Do cats drink toilet water?

YES, but only under very specific circumstances, the most common of which and the only first hand experience I've had is when feeding them a cheap variety of cat food containing bulking agents such as corn, wheat and other cereals. Cats are incredibly fussy when it comes to water. Most will only the freshest water available, which is why many favour toilet water. Toilet water is constantly being flushed and refreshed throughout the day. This is also the reason why some cats will only drink water straight from the tap. Another way to increase water intake is feed wet food regularly, or purchase a pet water fountain. A running tap or fountain keeps water constantly moving and fresh, and both methods are very successful in enticing a cat to drink more water.

What are the benefits to using a water fountain for my cat?

"A water fountain for your cat will circulate the water and give your cat health benefits from encouraging the drinking of more water. It will help keep your cats kidneys healthy and may decrease urinary diseases by ensuring proper hydration. Also, if you get a larger fountain you will not have to refill it every day."

Do toilets have more bacteria than your kitchen counter?

If the counter is left unclean for the same lengthof time as the toilet the counter which is most commonly used more then the toilet will harvest more bacteria. If one is preparing chicken or some kind of meat and some is left on the counter that sample will cultivate millions of colonies and spread it throughout the table.

What is wrong with the toilet if it is flushing dirty water and there is dirty water in the tank?

Probably nothing wrong with the toilet. It is more likely that your pipes are full of rust or mineral deposits.

What are some popular designs for outdoor water fountains?

There is a wide variety of designs for outdoor water fountains made by popular and not-so-famous artists and companies. Some of them are: the classic three-tier reconstituted granite fountain, the paradise spillway water fountain iron rock, the big copper lion head water fountain, and many more.