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Q: What has more vitamin c orange juice or grape juice?
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Which juice has more acid orange juice or grape juice?

Probably orange juice :L

Why is grape juice more acidic than orange juice?

the pH is lower

What has more vitamin c orange juice or apple juice?

orange juice, apple juice usually contains a lot of sugurs

Does a orange yield more juice?

usually when compared to a grape yes

Which is better for plants water or orange juice?

orange juice because it contains more vitamin C than water.

Which is more acidic grape juice or apple juice?

grape juice

What stains dentures more grape juice soda or coffee?

Grape Juice

Does orange juice contain vitamin c?

Yes, it is an excellent source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Sure does :) But, a red bell pepper has more than twice the amount of an orange! yes Yes orange juice does contain Vitamin C.

Does orange juice have more vitamin c than apple juice?

yes especially if its all natural

Does fresh squeezed orange juice canned orange juice or bottled orange juice contain more vitamin c?

Hi I also wanted to know this. Found this answer on the net. Fresh is the way to go. "Orange juice is frequently bought as a frozen concentrate. Frozen, reconstituted orange juice has 78% and canned orange juice has 69% of the vitamin C found in fresh squeezed orange juice. Vitamin C is destroyed during the condensing process, but canning is even harder on vitamin C. It appears that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than either frozen concentrate or canned..." Source:

Which juice is more acidic orange juice lemon juice grape juice apple juice or grapfruit juice?

im pretty sure that it is lemon juice because it is the most sour

What is the pH of grape juice?

White grape juice made from concentrate gives a pH of around 2 - 2.1. This would be more acidic than orange juice. someone please fix this. I tested it today in lab class, it seems a lot but the White Grape juice we had had a pH of about 2.

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