What has the author Allan Ahlberg written?

Allan Ahlberg has written:


'Mystery tour' -- subject(s): Fiction, Humorous stories, Skeleton, Mystery and detective stories, Detective and mystery stories

'The man who wore all his clothes' -- subject(s): Humorous stories

'Rubber rabbit' -- subject(s): Accessible book


'The woman who won things' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Humorous stories, Prizes

'Poorly pig'

'La Famiglia Tovaglia = Mrs Wobble the Waitress'

'Who Stole the Pie? (Red Nose Collections)'

'Woof!' -- subject(s): Boys, Dogs, Fiction, Humorous stories, Juvenile fiction, Metamorphosis

'The Pet Shop (Funny Bones, No 4)'

'Mr Creep the Crook (Happy Families)'

'Big bad pig' -- subject(s): Vocabulary, Juvenile literature, Readers

'The Better Brown Stories (Read-Along, Ra006)'

'Miss Jump the jockey'

'The snail house' -- subject(s): Fiction, Snails, Grandmothers, Storytelling, Size

'Que Risa De Huesos/Funnybones'

'MS Cliff the Climber (Ahlberg, Allan. Happy Families.)'

'Mrs Vole the Vet (Happy Families)'

'Each Peach Pear Plum'

'Mr. Biff the boxer' -- subject(s): Boxing, Fiction

'Blow Me Down'

'Help!' -- subject(s): Vocabulary, Juvenile literature


'Night GB'

'Chickens in the Snow (Fast Fox, Slow Dog)'

'Treasure hunt' -- subject(s): Fiction, Treasure hunt (Game), Play, Hide-and-seek, Parent and child

'The Clothes Horse and Other Stories'

'Tell-Tale Tiger (Help Your Child to Read)'

'The Jolly Christmas Postman'


'Big Bad Pig'

'King Kangaroo' -- subject(s): Readers

'Friendly Matches'

'Mockingbird' -- subject(s): English Folk songs, English Nursery rhymes, Folk songs, Folk songs, English, Lullabies, Nursery rhymes, English, Pictorial works, Texts

'Zoo (Dragon Books)'

'Silly Sheep (Help Your Child to Read)'

'Happy Worm'

'Fast frog'

'Mrs Vole the vet' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Children's stories, English, Picture books for children, Veterinarians

'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night'

'Happy worm' -- subject(s): Vocabulary, Juvenile literature, Readers

'Master Bun the Baker's Boy (Happy Families)'

'Half a pig' -- subject(s): Pigs, Humorous stories, Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Swine

'Mr. Cosmo the conjuror'

'The runaway dinner' -- subject(s): Fiction, Sausages, Dinners and dining

'Each Peach Pear Plum board book' -- subject(s): Stories in rhyme

'The pet shop' -- subject(s): Fiction, Humorous stories, Pet shops, Skeleton


'The cat who got carried away' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Fiction, Cats, Gaskitts (Fictitious characters), Criminals, Babies, Family, Escapes, Humorous stories, Family life, Pet shops, Pets, Schools, Pictorial works

'Giochi D'ossa = Funnybones'

'Silly Sheep'

'Fast Fox, Slow Dog 2 (Fast Fox, Slow Dog)'

'Jolly Postman'

'Tales from Ten in a Bed'

'Mr Buzz the beeman'

'Master Bun the Bakers' Boy (Ahlberg, Allan. Happy Families.)'

'Put on a Show (Red Nose Collection)'

'Mr.and Mrs. Hay the Horse'

'The Mighty Slide'

'What's in the Shop? (Red Nose Readers)'

'Look Out for the Seals'

'Please Mrs. Butler'

'Bear's Birthday'

'The Baby's Catalogue'

'Ms Cliff the climber'

'Dinosaur dreams' -- subject(s): Fiction, Dinosaurs, Humorous stories, Skeleton, Dreams

'The Children Who Smelled a Rat' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Humorous stories, Teachers, Pets, Triplets

'Chicken, Chips and Peas (Fast Fox, Slow Dog)'

'Traveling Moose'

'The Adventures of Bert'

'Les bizardos un os pour le chien'


'Ten in a bed'

'Mrs Jolly's Joke Shop (Ahlberg, Allan. Happy Families.)'

'Baby's Catalogue, The' -- subject(s): Babies, Fiction


'Everybody was a baby once' -- subject(s): Babies, Juvenile poetry, Infants, Children's poetry, Children's poetry, English, Poetry

'La famiglia Tovaglia'


'Mr Tick the Teacher (Ahlberg, Allan. Happy Families.)'

'Double Ducks (Help Your Child to Read)'

'Miss Brick the builder's baby' -- subject(s): Fiction, Building, Readers, Babies

'Please Mrs Butler'

'Mysteries of Zigomar, The'

'Bad Bear (Help Your Child to Read)'

'Mister Wolf (Help Your Child to Read)'

'Dyma Ni! Bechgyn Stryd Gul'

'Big Bad Pig (Reading Time)'

'Mr Biff the Boxer'

'Circus (Foldaway)'

'Tales from ten in a bed'

'The little cat baby' -- subject(s): Babies, Cats, Fiction