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The density. Refraction occurs at the boundary between two media of differing densities, such as air and water.

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Q: What has to be different to allow refraction to occur?
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How does refraction of light occur?

Refraction occurs when light encounters a medium with different optical density.

What conditions are necessary for refraction to occur?

Refraction occurs when the wave changes velocity. The light travels at different speeds in different mediums, so for refraction to occur it is necessary for the light to pass from one medium to another at an angle different than 0 and 90 degrees.

How does refraction occur in water?

It is because of the change in velocity of light in two different media.

Does refraction occur only if rays are straight up and down?

No refraction can occur either way!

Why refraction does not occur in opaque medium?

Refraction is the bending of the rays of light when it travels from one medium to another... For refraction to occur there should be some difference in the refractive index of the materials.... Refraction can also occur in Opaque medium........

Where does refraction occur?

Refraction occurs at the point where light passes from one transparent medium to another medium of a different density. (see more at the related link)

What surfaces refract light?

For refraction to occur, there must obviously be two different substances that are both transparent to the radiation or waves under consideration. Also, the two substances must have different indices of refraction.

For refraction to occur in a wave the wave must?

For refraction to occur in a wave, the wave must enter a new medium at an angle.

Will dispersion occur if a polychromatic ray of light enters a prism at an angle of incidence of 90 degree from air to denser medium?

Dispersion will occur, in the sense that the phase velocity of the different wavelengths will be different. What you may be asking is whether refraction (a change in the direction of the light) will occur. Refraction will only be visible if the light impacts at an oblique angle, not 90 degrees.

How does refraction occur?

refraction occurs when a light ray passes from a rarer to denser medium or vice versa

Can reflection and refraction occur at the same time?


In which of the following would refraction occur?

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