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The father of Democracy

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Q: What have some historians called minister Thomas Hooker?
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Why is Thomas Hooker important?

Thomas Hooker is a minister and he was born on July 5, 1586. Hooker disliked some of the rules that the Puritans had made. He wanted to begin a brand new community where all men have a right to vote! They don't even have to be a church member! In 1636 Thomas Hooker brought 100 colonists west to a place called " Connecticut's Long Tidal River.'' Thomas had exactly only two wives. His first wife is unknown, but his second wife is named Susanna Hooker.

What is Thomas hooker best known for?

In 1635, Thomas Hooker led his congregation to establish a new city called Hartford. And a few years later, this city founded the colony of Connecticut. && For uhh... Being A Hooker.! (: Cuttee! (;

What are the nouns in the sentence Thomas Hooker has been called father of American democracy?

There are three nouns and a proper adjective. Thomas Hooker, father, and democracy are nouns. American here is an adjective, although it can be a noun.

What was Thomas Hooker's main accomplishment?


What is the US' first constitution called?

as America has only one constitution, it is known as 'The Constitution'.

What is a hooker in a rugby team called?

The name remains the same - Hooker

Settled the city of Hartford Connecticut?

Pastor Thomas Hooker and Governor John Hanes led 100 settlers. The settlement was originally called Newtown but was changed to Hartford in 1637.

How do you make the alcoholic drink called a Cherry Hooker?

Cherry brandy + Orange Juice = Cherry Hooker

Which preacher built the city of Hartford?

Pastor Thomas Hooker led the first settlers of Hartford, Connecticut from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is one of the state's founders and today is called "the Father of Connecticut. "

What was Shakespeare's dog called?

His name was Hooker

What year was Hooker furniture founded?

Originally called the Basset-Hooker Company, Hooker furniture was founded in 1924 by J. Clyde Hooker Sr. in Martinsville, Virgina and is now a leading supplier of furniture in the United States.

What is the prime minister called?

The Canadian Prime Minister is called Stephen Harper.