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Monkeys have adapted to be able to climb through the tops of trees to stay far away from most predators. Monkeys also survive by staying in groups.

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Q: What helps a monkey survive?
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How does a spider monkeys tail helps it survive?

the tail helps the spider monkey catch things. it also lets hang on to things

Is there any adaptation that can help a monkey survive in it's habitat?

Yes, the monkeys tail and long arms are an adaptation that helps it survive in its environment.

What does the howler monkey have that helps it survive?

Howler monkeys need lots of water and insects we all know they LOVE bannans.

How monkey do survive?

They survive by swinging from tree to tree and eating there food.

What does a monkey need in its habitat to survive?

A monkey needs food and water in its environment.

How does the monkey survive in its current climate?


How does a squirrel monkey survive in the amazon rainforest?

it has fur

What does the vervet monkey need to survive?

Harpy eagle

Why did you send a monkey into space?

to check if animals can survive there

What is a body part of a monkey help it survive?


What helps snapping turtles survive?

it helps them survive by eating ther pray

A characteristic that helps an organism survive?

a characteristic that helps an organism survive is adaptation

What kind of monkey that isn't a helper monkey that helps humans?

your fat mummy

How does a monkey gather food?

how do monkeys gather food to survive?

How does howler monkey survive in rainforest?

i don't know bye

How does grasping feet help the Howler Monkey survive?

monkeys have web feet so it would survive

What does a biome do to help us survive?

a biome helps us survive on the earth. hope this helps

A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is called?

a trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce

A sentence with survive in it?

Janice just wanted to survive the wedding. Phoebe had to survive on the streets of New York. The salmon had to survive the swim upstream. The monkey had to survive in a tree eating bananas.

What Purpose of a monkey?

because they helps the environment

Which part of monkey helps in breathing?

The lungs

How does a red bellied monkey survive in the wild?

A red belied money can survive in the wild because it has everything it needs there

A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce?

an adaptation is a genetic trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce

Is there anything that helps a butterfly survive?

Yes there is. Stuff that helps a butterfly survive is food and stufff like that.

How does a monkey survive in the tropical rain forest?

hey are scary like that