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Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

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Are the cold and hot water can dissolve faster?

Solid chemicals are dissolved faster in hot water.

Does sugar water dissolve faster than salt water?

No because sugar is insoluble solid.

Do skittles dissolve faster in hot or cold water?

They dissolve faster in hot water.

Does salt or sugar dissolve faster in water?

Sugar dissolve faster in water.

Why doesn't sugar dissolve in cold water?

Even in cold water sugar will dissolve eventually, but it does dissolve faster in hot water. Hot water molecules move faster than cold water molecules and therefore can more easily break sugar molecules out of solid sugar and into solution.

Does alka seltzer dissolve faster in vinegar?

no it do not water dissolve faster.

Why does Sprite dissolve an aspirin faster than water or any other liquids?

The carbon dioxide in the soda helps to dissolve the aspirin.

How fast it is for a solid to dissolve in water?

Depends on the solid. Cotton candy would dissolve a lot faster than the same weight of caramelized sugar, due to a lot more surface area.

How can you make something dissolve faster in water?

Usually warming the water will make things dissolve faster.

Does salt dissolve faster in tap water or filtered water?

the same in both... however, the warmer the water, the faster it will dissolve

Will hot or cold water make sugar dissolve faster?

Hot water will make sugar dissolve faster.

Why do solids dissolve faster in hot water?

Solids dissolve faster in hot water because the particles in hot water move at a faster pace than the particles in cold water. Because they move at a faster pace, they collide with the solids, causing them to dissolve faster than in cold water.

Does powder dissolve faster in hot cold or warm water?

powder dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water

Will sugar dissolve faster in vinegar or water?

water will dissolve sugar the quickest

How does water temperature affect sugar dissolve?

The hotter the water, The faster it will dissolve.

Why does a crystal of copper sulphate dissolve faster in hot water as compared to cold water?

collisions of water molecules with the solid particles accelerates the dissolving process in hot water because the molecules are moving faster.

Why does alka-selzer dissolve faster in warm water?

Alkaseltzer dissolve or disintegrate faster in cold water than warm water.

Does a vitamin C tablet dissolve faster in hot or cold water?

As a rule, solids (like a Vitamin C tablet) dissolve faster in hot water than cold water. As you raise the temperature, the fugacity of the solid increases thus increasing the driving force for dissolving.

Why does Skittles dissolve faster in water than bleach?

becasue water has no added sugar, carbs, sodium etc. so it absorbs what is in the skittle which helps it break down faster.

Why potassium permangante dissolve faster in boiling water than cold water?

The solubility of solid materials increase when the temperature increase; it is a general rule.

Do lifesavers dissolve better in hot water?

it will dissolve faster in extremely hot water

What makes sugar cubes dissolve faster?

Stirring the water and using hot water will help the sugar cube dissolve faster

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