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seroquel. its not really a bipolar med. my doctor perscribed it to me for my anxiety. it really works too. but it was also perscribed to me for sleeping problems so u can only take about 25mg for anxiety, ortherwise you fall dead alseep!

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Make sure you don't rush, especalliy in the morning- perhaps you can speak to you Family Doctor as to his thougts on .5 Zanaz, if you need more later in the years you can move up but the have almost an instand calming effect- rether than those anti-depressents that require up to a month to become a carrier of the drug. So doctors are anti these Zanaz, they have a very high addition rate. I hven been on them since 16, to 40 - 4 years and the withdraw is hard- very pain ful legs-

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Treatment anxiety- Depending upon the underlying cause counseling would help in situational minor anxiety reactions. Cognitive therapy is tried for most anxiety disorders. Anxiety that has major underlying illnesses like depressive disorder or schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder will respond well to the medicines for the specific disorders. For symptomatic relief anxiolytic medicines such as one of the older or newer benzodiazapines or the non benzodiazapines. Commonly prescribed medicines are alprazolam and lorazepam.

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Q: What helps anxiety?
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What is alarazopam?

I think you are mistaken about the name. There is Lorazepam which helps to relieve anxiety and there is also Alprazolam which also helps to relieve anxiety and related disorders- they are both benzodiazepines.

What is another word that means the same as anxiety?

worring stress, these 2 words expain anxiety if that helps

What should i do to overcome anxiety and social anxiety due to eplipesy?

I used to have terrible anxiety. What I done was thought happy thoughts and stayed out in the sun alot. I don't know how, but being outside really helps get rid of anxiety.

Does Abilify help anxiety or make it worse?

Usually it helps with anxiety and sleep. Some people react strangely to it and things get worse.

What is zannax used for?

xanax Can be used for depression, anxiety disorder etc

What does anxiolytic mean?

Anxiolytic-- A type of medication that helps to relieve anxiety.

what technique should i use for my anxiety?

box breathing really helps

What type of doctor helps with excessive anxiety?

Psychiatrists and psychologists help with many different types of mental health problems including anxiety.

Which word from the passage helps create a sense of fear and anxiety?

(Apex) Struggle.

Which is the better long term med for treating both acute anxiety episodes and chronic anxiety- clonazapam or alprazolam?

For me, its gotta be Alprazolam.......Ive been using it long term for my chronic anxiety and it helps a lot.

Is melatomin a natural remedy for anxiety?

Melatonin is natural to the body and helps to regulate sleep. It is often used for insomnia, and jet lag. It is not intended for the treatment of anxiety.

What is hydroxyzine?

It is an anti-histamine drug that helps with anxiety, allergies, and rashes/itchy skin