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I take womans one a day vitiamens.

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Q: What herbal supplements can you take while taking Lexapro?
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Can you take NyQuil while taking Lexapro?

While taking Lexapro, should I take NyQuil while I have a cold?

Can you take aleeve for headache while on Lexapro?

Can you take Aleve while taking Lexapro?

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while taking Lexapro?

It is perfectly safe to smoke marijuana while taking lexapro at any dose.

Can you take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify?

no do not take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify

Can you take clindamycin while taking lexapro?


Is Lexapro a narcotic?

Lexapro is not a narcotic, it is an SSRI antidepressant. Like a narcotic though, you should not just stop taking Lexapro suddenly if you have been taking it for a while.

Can you take forza supplements while taking antidepressants?

can you take Forza food supplements while taking antidepressants

Can you take acai pills while taking lexapro welbutrin and hycozar?

Can i take acai pills while tkaing lexapro

Can you eat grapefruit while taking lexapro?

Yes. :)

Can you take acetaminophen while taking Lexapro?

Yes. You can. =)

Can you take Gaba Calm while you are taking Lexapro?


Is it OK to get pregnant while taking Lexapro 40mg?

Talk with your doctor.

Can you take night time cough medicine while taking lexapro?


Is there any harm in smoking Marijuana while taking lexapro and seroquel?


Can one drink beer while taking Ziprexa and Lexapro?

You can, though not recommend. Beer is a depressant, while lexapro is an anti depressant/ anti anxiety pill

Will the heart health supplements hurt us if we start bodybuilding?

Taking supplements while bodybuilding is considered to be dangerous. There are side effects to many supplements. Before taking heart healthy supplements while bodybuilding, you should discuss it will a medical professional.

What supplements should you not take while taking synthroid?

Can you take creatine while taking synthroid medication

Can you take robitussin dm while taking lexapro?

Yes. Totally fine.

How long to be off 25 mg Zoloft to go to lexapro?

I am actually taking 25 mg of zoloft while still taking 5 mg of Lexapro...I am weaning off lexapro and getting the zoloft in my system so I don't have panic attacks while waiting for the zoloft to work.

Can you take phenylephrine hci while taking lexapro? interaction checker said no problem. I just took some and I'm on lexapro

Is it safe to smoke cigarettes while taking lexapro?

While you're taking lexapro, please do not smoke cigarettes, it will effect your body even more than what cigarettes are doing. Whoever smokes cigarettes are not certified for this type of drug.

Is it safe to take Nyquil while you are also taking Adderall Klonopin lexapro and percocets?

It is not safe to take NyQuil while also taking Adderall, Klonopin, Lexapro, and Percocet, as it can cause seizures and other serious side effects.

Can you take Zyrtec while taking Lexapro?

My doctor said that it is fine to take both.

Can you take midol while taking Lexapro?

I wouldn't...check are drug interactions between lexapro and midol, aleve, and advil..stick with tylenol

What are the side effects of taking Lexapro with requip?

It is possible that taking Lexapro and Requip together can increase the side effects of drowsiness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people have also had impaired thinking while taking these medications in combination.