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what high school subjects are required to study enviourmental engineering

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3 years

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Q: What high school subjects are required to study environmental engineering?
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Are the subjects like mathematics physics chemistry involved in computer science engineering?

Mathematics and physics are both required for computer science and computer engineering degrees; chemistry might not be, depending upon your individual school.

What are important high school subjects for Electrical Engineering?

Physics and Math are very important basics in Engineering.

What subjects are required in high school to study sound engineering?

I mean whats wrong with you people I'm really unhappy with your answers i ask you a simple question then you ask me to answer it no no no

What high school subjects are required to study mechanical engineering?

honors physics / ap physics honors pre-calculus / ap calculus AB/BC honors chemistry engineering mechanics

What high school subjects are needed to study biomedical engineering?

To study biomedical engineering in high school, focus on taking courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. These subjects provide a strong foundation for understanding the principles and concepts necessary for biomedical engineering. Additionally, consider taking classes in anatomy and physiology, computer science, and engineering if they are available.

How many years of school is required for biomedical engineering?


What subjects can environmental education be integrated into?

Environmental education can be integrated into almost any school subject. It can easily be integrated into Social Studies by relating it to many of the things that are studied, Language Arts by writing about environmental issues and reading books on environmental subjects, math by integrating statistics and other math issues related to environmental issues into the lessons, etc.

What school subjects are required to study criminal law after school?

history,anthropology,law and government,economics/ politics

Where can you find where schools get their work from?

Their work? A school is required to teach students and is regulated by the government. Standards are set by accrediting agencies that ensure that the school is teaching the required subjects at the required level.

What kind of degree is required to get an engineering job?

To get an engineering job, a person should have a four year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university that has an engineering school.

What type of job experience is generally required to apply for Structural Engineers positions?

A bachelors degree and a master degree is generally required to apply for Structural Engineering jobs. A high school diploma is required to apply for a Structural Engineering job.

What does nonsectarian school mean?

a school without a religious denomination. no specific religious education required for studying, only values education subjects.