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Q: What honor and shame principles deal with sets of boundaries that make the world safe and manageable?
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Honor killing in 21st century-a shame?

It's only a shame when honor is misplaced. There is no honor in the killing itself, honor should be in serving an honorable cause & having the conviction to die if need be.

What is the meaning of the saying honor and shame from no condition riseact well your partthere all the honor lies an essay on criticism by Alexander pope?

How did the imprisonment in internment camps destroy honor and create shame for some of the family members?

Which of the following principles is involved when you see a transparent object in a clear liquid?

Refraction. cheating on study island? shame on you!

What is a synonym for consciences?

principles, scruples, moral sense, sense of right and wrong, guilt, shame, regret, remorse, contrition, self-reproach

What is the synonym for the word honor?

Dishonour, Discredit Bring shame upon, Disgrace, Sully, Debase, Humiliate, Shame

Explain the concepts of shame and honor in Japanese culture?

Honor is a very important thing in Japanese culture even more so than the Chinese. They'd rather die than surrender (the way of the samurai's or their Bushido) and there is no way to say surrender in Japanese, it just doesn't exist. They would rather seppuku (basically suicide) than bring shame or dishonor their family and suicide is tolerated in Japan and some think it is a way to maintain one's honor.

Why would a samurai commit suicide?

Because they would have rather died of honor than fall in the hands of enemies or because they have brought shame to themselves.

What does discrase mean?

I think you mean 'disgrace' Which used as a noun means - the condition of shame, loss of honor, respect or reputation. and when used as a verb means - to bring shame or dishonor on someone or to treat with disfavor.

What are three basic principles of Erikson's theory of development?

I believe it is the first 3 of his development stages:Trust vs. Mistrustincorporative1incorporative2gettingtakingHopeAutonomy vs. Shame, Doubtretentiveeliminativeholding onletting goWillpowerInititative vs. GuiltintrusivemakingPurpose

Is the saying it's a crying shame or a crime and a shame?


What are the release dates for Shame Shame Shame - 1999?

Shame Shame Shame - 1999 was released on: USA: 21 August 1999 (TV premiere) USA: 14 December 1999 (video premiere)

What if your only shame is to have shame?

Then it would be very easy not to get shameful because you would not have anything to give you shame in the first place. So, if you do not feel shame from anything but shame, you would not feel shame from anything.