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The Morgan was named for a horse called Justin Morgan - who was named after the man who owned him - Justin Morgan.

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It was named after the man, Justin Morgan, who had the stallion who founded the breed.

The Morgan horse breed was given a man's name. It was named after a man named Justin Morgan.

The breed of horse is a Thoroughbred, it is the horse that the cars are named after.

The horse on a Ferrari is a Thoroughbred. it is in fact the horse that the cars were named after.

All Morgans trace back to a single foundation sire, a stallion named Figure, who was one timed owned by a man named Justin Morgan. The horse later identified by the name of this particular owner, and "The Justin Morgan Horse" also gave its name to the breed.

You probably mean Justin Morgan's Morgan horse.

A Palamino!!! The horse is named after its color!! :]]

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Justin Morgan was the name of the first registered horse in the Morgan breed. The breed is named after him.

The Morgan, which was named after Justin Morgan.

Percheron / Fresian cross, hes also a rescue horse, named Buzz

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he was a Quarter horse stallion Named Parsons 2 Bars, the horse went on to be a great movie horse for many years..

Don Quixote's horse was named Rocinante. This is presumably from the Spanish word "rocín", which denotes a low breed horse.

The Morgan. Justin Morgan had a stud colt who went on to start the Morgan breed. The horse was named Morgan when Justin Morgan died, and his name went on to be the official name for the breed.

its a breed of horse not a colour

The car is named after a breed of horse called a Mustang. They are wild horses of the western US.

No a Piston is not a breed of horse.

a piant horse is a breed

The breed of her horse is a Quarter Horse!

No... It may be a stable name, but it isn't a horse breed. An Arabian horse is a real horse breed though.

a yealand pony or horse is a breed of horse

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