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What hours it Walmart open on Easter Sunday?


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Almost every Walmart will stay open 24 hours on Easter Sunday.


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Walmart in Watertown New York will be open at 10:00am morning on Easter Sunday. It will back on its regularl operating time the next day which is monday.

Store hours vary by location. Many if not most Walmart stores were open on Easter Sunday.

McDonald's was open regular hours on Easter Sunday 2012.

Walmart is open 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. The only exception to this rule is Christmas Day.

Fry's electronic is closed on Easter Sunday.

Aldi in the UK is open for it's normal Sunday trading hours, Easter Sunday 10am to 4pm.

um 24 hours... that's how the movie Where the Heart Is made sense!!!!

Walmart stores are usually open on many major holidays, including Easter. The only day Walmart closes on is Christmas Day.

Not many shops open on Easter Sunday but if you are talking about food markets like Publix, Walmart, BJs, etc. then no.

Store hours will vary by location but most Marshall's stores are not open on Easter Sunday.

walmart is open 24 hours everyday of yhe year

There are a few retail stores that open on Easter Sunday in Minneapolis such as Whole Foods, Corborns, The Wedge and Walmart are all open.

According to their ad, Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.

Many stores have varying business hours for Easter Sunday. Some locations that are open include:Movie TheatersThe Galleria Mall - store hours will vary inside the mallWalmartWalgreensCVSRite Aid

Kroger stores are open on Easter Sunday. The shopping hours for each store will vary. Some of the stores will be open 24 hours, as usual.

While many stores are closed on Easter Sunday, some businesses remain open. Some of the following places will be open in Austin Texas on Easter Sunday:Movie TheatersBD Riley's Irish PubWalmartMany of the pharmacies will have limited hoursBefore venturing out, call the location nearest you for the most accurate store hours.

Yes, The Home Depot is open on Easter Sunday. You should call the store for store hours.

Yes. Normal store hours.

Most Kroger's are open on Easter Sunday. To see store hours for the Kroger closest to you, see the related links.

From Wegmans' Web page "Easter Holiday Hours: All stores are open normal business hours."

Store hours will vary by location but most JCPenney stores are not open on Easter Sunday.

Denny's is open on Easter Sunday.

No, Marshalls is not open on Easter Sunday.

Store hours will vary by location but most Kmart stores are open on Easter Sunday.Yes it is here in Southern Maryland

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