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Q: What house that light a ships way?
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What is a light to guide ships?

a light house

What is a light houde?

I think what you mean is a light house. light house means is tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships

What is house that lights a ships way?

A lighthouse.

What is french for light house?

a light house (to signal dangers to ships at sea) is called 'un phare' (masc.) in French.

House that lights a ships way?

a lighthouse

Why was Cape Hattaeras built?

because of the light house,to gide ships at sea

What is the sun light source used for?

The sun light source is used for like ships and when we need to see in the house.

What is the conflict in three skeleton key?

the conflict is the rats swarm the light house, and there is no way out of the light house.

How do you known how to change a lightbuld in a light house?

a lighthouse with stripes around it so the light house knows which way to screw the bulb

Can light speed ships be invented?

You are referring to space ships, of course. The answer is: In theory, spacecraft could be designed that might approach the speed of light ('way, 'way in the future), but according to our best current understanding of actual (not theoretical) physics, it is impossible to build a spaceship that could equal the speed of light, as it would cease to exist if it did!

How did explorers light the interior of their wooden ships?

Oil lamps were typically used to light the interior of ships.

Description of a Light House?

Light House: This can be better described as a life saver.Light house is a tower installed on sea shore with a high power light mounted on it. Light house has a the high powered light revolving on it with the light being projected. The main Idea of using n installing Light house is to show way for the sailors n ships n fisher man in sea towards shore, so that they would be saved form the danger of ending up their lives in sea during storms , cyclones in the sea. There came a lot of changes in the design and technology of Light house. Using a solar light in the place of conventional light run onn electricity thereby saving lot of electrical energy. Wish i have answered ur question please reply me on ur feeling after reading this.